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Satsang in India

Geluk heeft geen oorzaak - Wolter Keers

Osho: The meaning of satsang and Why am I here?
Osho on War

Vartmann: Spiritual diseases

Photosatsang with the 'Sagrada Familia'

De Zee die Denkt

Fart your way to Freedom

The shocking Truth about enlightenment


satsang teachers

 Satsang Circles:  
  Sam Satsang circles, the new group?
  Parmartha Satsang without a master?
 Satsang exerpts:  

 David Deida

 Dave Oshana

 Eckhart Tolle

 Hans Laurentius

Three stages of relating

Your eventual enlightenment

The Inner body

Stilte en vertrouwen

 Gangaji Beyond the dark night of the soul

 Isaac Shapiro

 Leo Hartong

Outbreak of peace

The end of suffering

 Jan van Delden

 Maitreya Ishwara

Het visje en het water

Advaita and discipline

 Paul Lowe What is enlightenment?
 Rani Satsang quotes
 Samarpan Drop your concepts




Another way 

The paradigm shift

Spiritually transmitted diseases

 Yoga Vasistha Sara Nederlandse tekst
 Satsang poetry:  


 John de Ruiter

Dick Sinnige


Deva Hannah

 Wayne Liquorman


 Che Wah


Mahashanti mantra

David Spero

Dave Oshana

Michael Levy

Ad Oostendorp

Can you hear me my friend ?

Waking up

Een middag zonder mij

Truth is satsang

Spirit of the wind

Shrivel up and die

Snippet of Life

 It only is

 Just peace.....just silence

 The great mantra for peace

 Untiteld poetry

 philosophy without experience
 drives you mad

The thinker and the thoughts

Dear beloved

 Geweld is liefde


Dancing on One leg
my mind fell over

A teardrop glistens in the
corner of my eye.
How to describe the jewel
in my heart

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