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Excerpts from "Outbreak of Peace"


Isaac: Namaskar, welcome to Satsang
Please feel free to ask any questions and speak
about any new outbreaks of freedom.

Question: Do you meditate and what do you feel
about meditation?

There are so many techniques that people call
meditation. Ultimately, when you are doing some
activity to get somewhere, even if it is to get
silent, you are missing what is already here,
because you are trying to get somewhere else. Truth
is already here. The only moment you can know Truth
is now.
If you are making any effort, this will take you
out of now and reinforce the sense of I. It will
take you somewhere else. It will make a subtle game
of different experiences and the evaluation of
these experiences. When you are ready to end all of
this , you come to Now, to this instant. Don't
evaluate or compare. Don't intend anything or try
to get anywhere . Truth must be already here. You
can have many experiences by doing different
techniques, but these experiences won't help you.
When you say, "I'm going to meditate for half an
hour," you have already tied your mind outside
meditation before you have started, because you are
actually saying, " After half an hour I am not
going to meditate anymore". To be in this instant
is meditation! You are always Here. Simply be with
your direct experience of who you are, which is for
24 hours and is always Now. You cannot be who you
are for only half an hour. To be who you are is
real meditation. In meditation there is no sense of
separation. Like the river, it came from the ocean
and when it returns to that, it becomes ocean
itself. When the attention comes back to its
source, all sense of giving attention to anything
disappears together with the sense of a personal
"I" and only Beingness remains.

   So at hat moment Consciousness is face to face with
Itself. Not even face to face with itself. There is only
 Consciousness. So meditation is happening in that emptiness.
                        Thenwhatever I am doing, it doesn't matter.
There is emptiness and that which arises iemptiness.                                                         This is true meditation; this is true understading

So there's no searching for any objects, any
experiences. Because everything is appearing in me
and I'm not looking for what is appearing in me.
I'm only looking for the discovery of myself. Then
maybe there is one moment of luck in my life, in
which That reveals itself.

Every moment in this moment. Even the idea of the
moment appearing is just an idea, because this is
appearing in Consciousness itself. Consciousness is
already here, even when there are thoughts or
objects. So to try and hold on to some idea of
everything disappearing, makes the idea more
important than the Now. Then there is some waiting,
some effort to get somewhere, to have something
happening. Consciousness is here, you are That.
This feeling of I that arises, is natural to this
body-mind. This ability to focus is necessary for
this body-mind to function. Normally people are
attached to this functioning of I. They believe it
to be themselves. You can see that this has to
happen for this body-mind to function. This is not
You. It is merely an activity that is arising in
something much more subtle, absolutely vast.
Then there is willingness to let this I function
and not to be associated with it. It seems
personal, but it's not. It's simply a functioning
of this body-mind: it has nothing to do with You.
This body you had no choice about. So you are not
responsible for the actions and reactions of this
personality, which is here by itself.

Do you live constantly in that vision or viewpoint?

I say, look at your direct experience of who you
are. Is this a viewpoint or is this direct
experience? Now you speak of your direct
experience. Who are you? Not some idea in your
mind. The concept of constantly comes in your mind
and this is an evaluation and a doubt about you own
state. If you pick up this doubt, then you're
worshipping doubt. See it as only a thought. Stay
with your direct experience of who you are.



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