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Two little pei's

 The student of a monastic teacher learned that at our center, we are  surrounded by winds blowing
this way and that way.
The student meditated and believed he had found enlightenment in the
ever changing balance.
The student writes a letter to his teacher who is far away in a Chinese
monastery, explaining that he had calmed the blowing winds and found  enlightenment.
Some weeks pass and the student receives a letter of reply from the  wise monk.
The student opens the letter and finds two Chinese characters Pei Pei,
which is translated as Fart Fart.
The student unhinged asks what does this mean, what is my master  saying.
The student journeys across China for many days to reach his teacher's
When he locates his teacher he asks, 'What do you mean by writing fart fart in your letter,
I have calmed the blowing winds at my center, and found enlightenment.'
The master answered: 'Yes, but two little farts blew you here.'

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