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It only is.

The waves: are they coming home on the shore?
Or does the ocean merely rub its toes at the fringe of sand and rocks?

I set down at the sea and asked.
The mind has so many questions, but never did the sea reply to me.

The waves kept coming and the tides kept alternating
and still none of my problems were solved.
Perhaps I thought, now and then, I found some
answer, some conclusion to the reason of my suffering,
to the many petty problems I had in mind.

But they were all self-constructed: the answer
as much as the questions, the solutions as much as the problems.

The sea still kept silent: the waves kept murmuring
at a distance, clashing down on the rocks and sands
of the shore, but containing no answer, no message.

Water arriving at the shore containing nothing
but itself, bearing itself - empty - to the shore,
for no purpose at all.

And withdrawing itself humbly again,
to give rise to another wave,
humble and empty and meaningless
as the one before.

Why? There is no 'why' to the nature of things.
Things merely happen and there simply is no reason
for it.

So, as I kept on asking questions to the sea -
begging, shouting, cursing and imposing a 'meaning'
to the way things have went -,
gradually it became clear to me
that there were no real answers to all of my questions.

The answer to any of my questions was:
the absence of an answer, as well as the absence
of the question itself.

To the sea, there are no questions,
there is no suffering, there are no desires,
no judgements, no blame, no guilt,
no reasons, no causes, no results.

It only is.

I kept coming back at the sea,
trying yet another question,
but the answer always remained the same:
the absence of the question.

The waves of the sea had, gradually,
worn out the foundations of my quest.
It had eroded the context of my world.

What can a world of judgements, questions and dreams
rest on, when all that moves are waves
that clash on the coast to nothing?

In my world, there may seem to be endless reasons
for things to occur, but when the boundaries of this
world start to dissolve, it is clear that there was
nothing real at all.

The question was answered, by the lack
of its existence.
Now, what does this leave of the one who has been asking
the question?

Che Wah


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