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America under attack
part 4


The Great illness - Shanti Mayi

Not in our son's name

The Petition

What do you really know - Djwhal Khul

Part five: Osho on terrorism

Part six:  This event is not what it seems - Galactic Council

Part seven: America under attack Guestbook

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A Message from Shanti Mayi :The great illness.

'It is a sad time for the world.
We must realize that this great illness we experience at this time in not isolated to the USA or the Middle East or even the invisible Terrorists.
This illness that is so evident today is rooted way back in time and will continue to reach far into the future until every being comes to the great realization that greed and self-centered hypocrisy is the true enemy of humanity.
Wherever it may originate or wherever it may be directed, it is this enemy that we must overcome.
So let us begin within ourselves.  
We ourselves are the great medicine for the great illness.'



Saturday, Sep 15, 2001 8:35pm
[Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez's son Greg is one of the World Trade Center victims.]

Our son Greg is among the many missing from the World Trade Center attack.
Since we first heard the news, we have shared moments of grief, comfort, hope, despair, fond memories with his wife, the two families, our friends and neighbors, his loving colleagues at Cantor
Fitzgerald / ESpeed, and all the grieving families that daily meet at the Pierre Hotel.

We see our hurt and anger reflected among everybody we meet. We cannot pay attention to the daily flow of news about this disaster. But we read enough of the news to sense that our government is heading in the direction of violent revenge, with the prospect of sons, daughters, parents, friends in distant lands dying, suffering, and nursing further grievances against us. It is not the way to go. It will not avenge our son's death. Not in our son's name.

Our son died a victim of an inhuman ideology. Our actions should not serve the same purpose. Let us grieve. Let us reflect and pray. Let us think about a rational response that brings real peace and
justice to our world. But let us not as a nation add to the inhumanity of our times.

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What follows is a petition that will be forwarded to President Bush, and other world leaders, urging them to avoid war as a response to the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon this week. Please read it, sign below, and forward the link to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of the United States of America and of countries around the world, appeal to the President of The United States, George W. Bush; to the NATO
Secretary General, Lord Robertson; to the President of the European Union, Romano Prodi; and to all leaders internationally to use moderation and restraint in responding to the recent
terrorist attacks against the United States. We implore the powers that be to use, wherever possible,
international judicial institutions and international human rights law to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks, rather than the instruments of war, violence or destruction.

Furthermore, we assert that the government of a nation must be presumed separate and distinct from any terrorist group that may operate within its borders, and therefore cannot be held unduly
accountable for the latter's crimes. It follows that the government of a particular nation should not be condemned for the recent attack without compelling evidence of its cooperation and complicity with
those individuals who actually committed the crimes in question.

Innocent civilians living within any nation that may be found responsible, in part or in full, for the crimes recently perpetrated against the United States, must not bear any responsibility for the
actions of their government, and must therefore be guaranteed safety and immunity from any military or judicial action taken against the state in which they reside.

Lastly and most emphatically, we demand that there be no recourse to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or any weapons of indiscriminate destruction, and feel that it is our inalienable human right to live in a world free of such arms.

To sign the petition please go to: www.9-11peace.org/

There are also a number of other action suggestions provided by 9- 11peace available after you sign the petition.

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11:45 p.m., September 13, 2001

Beloved Students:

Once again, I greet you with love and compassion inthese difficult times. Please allow yourselves to know and feel the exquisite outpouring of love that now comes to Earth for each one of you. Know also that this love is always available, always pure, always healing. Whilethis love is always available (in Buddhist tradition it is often called "Pure Land," and in some Hindu tradition it is called "Lotus Land"), often people can only profoundly receive it in times of great distress. Ifyou can receive it now, please do so on behalf of all
sentient beings.
As I channel this message to you, the US government is very busy printing money. Some $40,000,000,000 of additional currency will soon be in circulation. This, the government feels, will boost the economy to get through the disaster. You can look forward to another lowering in the interest rates, which is believed will strengthen the American economy as these challenges are faced. While there will be more bills in circulation, you might want to ask yourself what happens when a government simply prints more bills, or notes, when nothing has been added to the Treasury on which these notes are drawn. Is this really a solution or simply a diversionary tactic to get the public to believe the current financial situation has been cured?

I do see and experience your grief and distress. I understand that the citizenry of the US is now undergoing a type of redefinition which seems to be congealing a new level of patriotism. While there are certainly positive elements that can, and likelywill, come from all this, you must be careful to avoid being overly influenced by collective paranoia, revenge, even intentional hoaxes perpetrated to accomplish goals unknown to you by those in power.aliban
You may be noticing that there seems to be a plan afloat to get Americans to back a war effort. If you heard the newscasts today (9/13), you probably heard statistics like, "88% of Americans support the President's decision to strike back against terrorists and those who harbor them." Or, "By popular poll, the American public authorizes Bush to be President, even in going to war." You hear how these attacks are uniting the American people behind their new President. There is, of course, some level of truth in each of these
assertions. However, before you let politicians, pollsters and reporters tell you what you think, perhaps ou need to examine your mind so you can know fully your own thoughts and feelings.

Yes, it does appear that terrorists from the Middle East hijacked the commercial airplanes and perpetrated the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But what do you really know about the whole thing? Violent acts are terrible and they raise strong emotions in all beings, particularly those who feel victimized by these acts. But what do you really know about these incidents?

osama bin ladenYes, it does appears that US intelligence has been unusually successful, perhaps miraculously successful, in honing in on Osama Bin Laden as the culprit behind the attacks. But what do you really know about the government's case? The trail seeming to point to Bin Laden appears so strong that you might wonder why the evidence is so great after the attacks but was so lacking prior to the attacks. The trail to Bin Laden appears to be so clear that there can be absolutely no doubt about his masterminding the attacks. But what do you really know about Bin Laden's guilt or innocence?
Do you wonder why someone who is capable of such deviantmastery would leave such a stream of obvious cluespointing to himself? Do you find you are somewhat amazed that clues so apparently obvious could only bediscovered after the fact? Or, does it seem that these "clues" are so abundant, so pervasive and so compelling that they either 1) must have been assembled over several years prior to the attack, or 2) may have been constructed to present a case so "air tight" that the American people would bite, "hook, line and sinker?" After all, your news reporters told you via broadcasts earlier today that the National Security Council has over 4,000 salient clues and that there have been over 27,000 tips from telephone calls by US citizens.
That sounds pretty convincing, doesn't it? Do you wonder why these 27,000+ tips were not reported prior to the attack?
My point in presenting these questions is not to indicate who orchestrated these attacks nor to disclose how they were pulled off. Rather, it is to ask you to look within and recognize that you personally really do not know anything about this matter. The point I am trying to make here is that you must be clear about what you really know and what you are only being told. You have heard a lot; but you have no personal knowledge of what really happened nor how.
There is an old American saying that may be applicable here: "Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear." While I know some of you reading this would like for me to just give you the answers, I do not find that approach to be particularly helpful to you. It would likely change your experience of this episode, and thus prevent you from harvesting all that is possible from all the devastation and sacrifice that have taken place. In the event I substantiate the material you hear in the news, you would quit raising questions as to what really happened and therefore go to sleep in the midst of a vivid, potentially profound awakening experience. If I present to you a scenario quite different from the one that you are now hearing, you will also quit questioning, but with a significantly different result for you, both personally and collectively.

You are being programmed to believe that all of America wants to go to war. Yet if you look into the hearts of yourselves and others around you, this is not what you actually see. Where are the street riots that would arise if such were true? What is going on in the hearts of most Americans is a strong desire to help -somehow! You also hear on the news that the lines to donate blood are four and five hours long. You see people in New York who are working tirelessly round the clock and with profound dedication to account for all those who are still registered as "missing." As the debris removal becomes more treacherous, volunteers are writing their names, addresses, telephone numbers and social security numbers on their arms and legs so if they happen to succumb to falling steel beams and concrete, they will be able to be identified when their own bodies are found. Note: they are not fleeing this scene in fear; they are consciously, dedicatedly risking their own lives in order to help the survivors and retrieve the bodies which are still buried under the debris. This you can know.

I would like to quote thewords of the Dalai Lama in his letter of this week to President Bush. After extending condolences both to the President and the American people, after expressing faith in the American people to heal and become an even greater people from the dreadful attacks, His Holiness went on to say:
"It may be presumptuous on my part, but I personallybelieve we need to think seriously whether a violentreaction is the right thing to do and is in the greater interest of the nation and the people in the long run. I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence. But how do we deal with hatred and anger which are often the root causes of such senseless violence? This is a very difficult question, especially when it concerns a nation, and when we have certain fixed conceptions of how to deal with such attacks. I am sure you will make the right decision."
Likewise, I am sure that each of you will make the right decision with regard to going to sleep and simply letting your mind be programmed by the prepared
information you are being fed by the media at this time. At all levels, avoid the tendency to project blame if you do not personally have knowledge of what is true in any situation. May I share with you another quote from the lovely being you recognize as the Dalai Lama? He spoke these words with regard to Tibet's
current situation with China:
"In our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess."
There is something you can do that may prove very helpful for the whole world. It will take a little commitment and mindfulness on your part, but I think you will feel the power of this practice. Please feel free to invite all your family, friends and acquaintances to join in this practice, for the more people who do this, the more powerful the results. Let us together create this collective invocation for Truth. Each of you should pick four times a day to do this practice, with one of those times being at midday (noon) in your own time zone. If it occurs to you to do it more, please honor that internal stimulus, for it may well be coming from me.
When you do this practice, put aside all other matters in your life, and give your full consciousness to the task at hand. The statement you will say aloud (strongest application) or think strongly within your own mind is, "Let the Truth come forth!" This practice has 10 steps, but as you will see, they are very simple and direct.
- Step 1: Envision President Bush sitting or standing before you, making strong eye contact with you. With every fiber of you body/mind, say firmly to him, "Let the Truth come forth!"
- Step 2: Envision Osama Bin Laden sitting or standing before you, making strong eye contact with you. With every fiber of your being, say firmly to him, "Let the Truth come forth!
- Step 3: Envision before you representatives of various US Intelligence gathering organizations (CIA, NSC, FBI, Police and Swat teams). If you have no visual image for anyone from these organizations, simply think the names or initials of the various organizations. As you hold the strong intent to make contact with these, with every fiber of your being, say firmly , "Let the Truth come forth!"
- Step 4: Envision before you (or think connection to) the Taliban leadership. Holding a strong intent in your ability to thus connect, with every fiber of your being, say firmly, "Let the Truth come forth!"
- Step 5: Envision before you a representative of the Arab leadership (Mr. Arafat, for instance). See him (or another) making strong eye contact with you, and with strong intent on your part, say firmly, "Let the Truth come forth!"
-Step 6: Envision before you a representative of the Israeli leadership (current or just previously past). See this one making strong eye contact with you, and with strong intent on your part, say firmly, "Let the Truth come forth."
-Step 7: Envision before you recognizable reporter and newscasters. Make strong eye contact with each one (you may do one person at a time, or sit an entire group of them before you). With every fiber of your being, say firmly, "Let the Truth come forth!"
Step 8: Envision before you representatives or agents from various international organizations
(NATO, UN, NAFTA, EUC, etc.). Making a strong intent to connect with these organizations, firmly repeat with every fiber of your being, "Let the Truth come forth!"
Step 9: Envision before you the US Congress. You may use the House in one meditation and the Senate in the next. Hold a very strong intent to connect with these legislative bodies, and firmly repeat with every fiber of your being, "Let the Truth come forth!"
Step 10: Envision or experience before you some representation of your own mind. You may simply see yourself, as if looking in a mirror, or you may just think of connecting in an observing way with your mind, both the thinking and feeling faculties. Holding the strong intent to activate your own direct knowing (as opposed to being "programmed" by the things you hear in the news), say with every fiber of your being, "Let the Truth come forth!"
May you be blessed and wizened by the difficulties, grief and shock you now experience for yourself and all sentient beings.

Your Loving Teacher,
Djwhal Khul

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