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 Dear reader,

I live in Amsterdam, Holland, in a small  community in the  heart of the city, close to the famous Vondelpark and the Van Gogh Museum.

I am more or less an undefinable everything; a.e. writer, photographer,  organizer, and dedicated to satsang and Osho, to spread the good news, to live it in daily life and share it thru this site.

The word satsang exists out of two parts; sat means truth and sang comes from sangha, commune. That is where it is all about; to live truth in a community.
I would like to cocreate a community/satsang center in Spain.
Up to now, specially in the east, people thought that when you find who you truly are the game is over. Actually: you even do not belong to this dimension any more. People tended to withdraw from society and life, denying this dimension. But now it is time for the next step: to start living truth in daily life, to bring it into our relationships our work etc, to transform those areas, to start living truth. It needs pioneers to do that. Spiritual drop out time is definitely over! (more about Spainproject)

People who are interested in these activities, would like to contribute to the site, or would like to support in other ways are welcome to contact me.

Love, Prembuddha

J.W. Brouwersstr. 98, 1071 LK Amsterdam. Ph. 020-6640503


More about Prembuddha; hoe Osho in mijn leven kwam

Living Satsang isa foundation and organises all kind of activities in Amsterdam and elsewhere, see agenda

The Spain project stays on the agenda.


tibet 2000
yamdrok tso, tibet 2000


  sinai, satsang retreat
  with vartman 1999

concerthall amsterdam
  living right behind the concerthal

Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu India 2010

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