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Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, founders of the Golden Age Foundation, have always said that the solution to humanity's suffering can only be found through Enlightenment.
There are many Divine Beings (Avatars) on this planet working to take humankind into the Golden Age where humanity will live in total harmony with the Universe.
But Enlightenment is not something that can be achieved by an individual without divine intervention. It is the mission of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma to bring all of humanity to enlightenment. Their vision is to enlighten 64,000 people in the world. As a result, those people will transform the rest of humanity. To this day, every word that Sri Bhagavan has said has come true. Each day the energy that is being transferred to individuals is increasing many fold and thousands of people are becoming enlightened here and now. "Truth that is not your truth is untruth."
Come and experience Enlightenment for yourself.

Beloved friends,

Bhavani and I just returned from India where we did the 21 day enlightenment process at the Oneness University. We also had darshan with the Avatars Bhagavan and Amma who are the originators of the Golden Age Movement.
The experience was so profound that I feel I have to share our journey with everyone on my mailing list that I feel is seriously interested in awakening.

We had heard of Bhagavan and Amma about a year ago but it all sounded so unbelievable that someone could give you enlightenment, and in such a short time. The claims were that something called deeksha, which is a transfer of divine energy, could be given by lying of hands on your head which would begin a neurobiological change in the brain and bring enlightenment. Also the price of $5500 U.S. dollars seemed very expensive and I wrote it off as a scam. Since I heard of this movement several of my friends went to India and did the process and every one of them claimed that their lives had completely changed and what was claimed was all very true. Then while in Byron Bay Australia a few months ago Bhavani and I received deeksha from several of our sannyasin friends who had done the process and we were blown away. The energy we received seemed to continue growing and we noticed that things that we both had worked on for decades were now finally changing. Then a beautiful man named Rahasya came to Satsangha, our meditation centre in New Zealand, and shared satsang and also gave all of us in our sangha deeksha and this time we were totally convinced. Rahasya told us not to miss this opportunity and go do the process as soon as possible so off we went.
This deeksha transmission can be given by those who do the 21 day process and have private darshan with Bhagavan and Amma. The 21 days at the Oneness University is a preparation for this but if you are not interested in giving it you can just receive deeksha from anyone who did the process and have the same experience. One of the best thing about this is that it is easy and requires no effort or long periods of time it happens very quickly. If you are not awakened by the time the 21 days are over Bhagavan promises that it will happen within two to three weeks after, which has been the case with many.
Several thousand have become awakened by this process in the last few years and it is the largest and fastest movement on the planet at the moment. Even the president of Mexico received deeksha recently. It is in every country in the world and spreading like wildfire because of the results. You do not have to believe anything I am saying, just experience it for yourself by receiving deeksha from someone who has done the 21day process. If you are interested in giving deeksha the process is only offered in India at the Oneness University at the moment.
Bhagavan and Amma have 15 million followers in several countries right now. Bhagavan claims that no matter how much work we do we still have concepts of what enlightenment is. The very effort to become enlightened is the barrier. Even when we realize this and stop all effort we are still subconsciously conditioned by the mind which keeps us separate from experiencing reality without the mind's perceptions. I myself have been on the spiritual path for forty years and now realize that the path is an endless path. The very idea of a path is to take us from where we are and project some reward in the future, which is indeed a postponement and another barrier. Enlightenment can only be received by divine grace or from someone who knows how to transfer it. Bhagavan and Amma know how and the thousands of results are a testimony.
Believe me I understand that what I am sharing is difficult to believe and understand, only several months ago I was hearing all of this from a dozen or so dear friends and I certainly had a difficulty believing them until I received the deeksha. Most of these friends were sannyasins of Osho and in my darshan with Bhagavan he told me that sannyasins get this faster than any others who come.
Because of conditioning and distortions we have mutated from the original way of being and now see the world through the mind's interpretations or perceptions which causes separation. Since doing this process I feel that all the teachings and practices are outdated and are not the answer for awakening mankind. The time of sitting with a guru has passed and now we are entering a new age. Just look at all the centuries of gurus and teachings and all the many practices and in all that time only a very few have become awakened. Bhagavan claims that enlightenment is a neurobiological process and the neurobiology of the brain and DNA can be changed with adequate preparation so one becomes naturally enlightened. These deeksha transmissions transfer energy into the neo-cortex of the brain which recognizes the framework of consciousness so that it bypassed the mind. He also claims that each one of us is individual so therefore there are many different types of enlightenment. This is why some enlightened beings become teachers and some live quite ordinary lives and some become a recluse and live in caves. The one thing that is common to all is the awakening of the true self and the ending or the conflict and suffering.
We all have a certain destiny that cannot be changed and once you reach a certain level of consciousness you realize that there is no free will and that life is not a doing but a happening. With this deeksha past conditioning vanishes and so does future expectations and you begin living in the present moment. All suffering is a reflection of past experiences and conditioning. When these conditions vanish a space for profound perception and higher states of consciousness manifest. The body is illuminated with an inner light and the sense of a separate identity dissolves. The questioner and the question both disappear in this inner illumination and profound realization. Thoughts still flow through the mind but do not get attached or cause suffering anymore. This is what Bhavani and I are now experiencing.

Bhagavan promises that those who come with open hearts and do the process will become enlightened within three to six weeks. He also claims that if enough people become enlightened it will have an effect on the world. Once 64,000 people become awakened the morphogenic fields would change and everyone who became enlightened would be able to transmit this state and in a short time all of humanity would revert to their original program of oneness. Man would not, and could not, hurt anyone or anything any longer and wars would become a thing of the past.
The major aspect of this movement is the construction of a temple that is being built according to the principals of sacred geometry. It will seat 8000 enlightened beings on the top floor, it has three floors, and will broadcast consciousness into the world. Once this project begins it will accelerate and focus the work and enlightenment will happen much quicker and a positive change will begin to happen on the planet. Bhavani and I visited this temple and it is just unbelievable. Just being inside permeated us with a peaceful energy that is impossible to put into words. It is all white marble and will have four kilometers of gardens surrounding it. There are 600 employed that are working on the temple night and day at the moment. The Oneness University and the temple are on 4000 acres of silence that descends from the hills. It is one and a half hours by car from Chennai, which use to be named Madras. The vibrations are full of peace and grace and seekers are made into seers in this magic. It is where inner conflict ceases and where you are awakened and experience God realization. When you see what is being built and realize what the money is being used for the donation of $5500 seems an honor to give. What better way can this money be spent. Three hundred are employed for administration and work has been given to all the villages around. Another section has been given to the homeless where the Golden Age Movement has built houses for them.
Before this project was started this area was in draught for decades and since the beginning of the movement the rains have come regularly... and only over the 4000 acres.
This area also had a high rate of alcohol and woman abuse problems in the villages and now everyone lives in a higher state of consciousness and peace. Deeksha is given in all the villages regularly by Indians who were given the process.

Each person who becomes enlightened affects 100,000 other people so this movement is making a difference 'big time' dear ones. This is a spiritual journey where higher insights and mystical experiences lead to an altered state of consciousness and Bhagavan and Amma leave an imprint on you life forever. This deeksha meets you where you are and then elevates you to an unbelievable higher state of being.
If any of this I have shared resonates within you and you feel to explore it further please check out www.trueawakening.org or www.onenessuniversity.org

May this find all of you with open hearts and enjoying the precious gift of being.
I love all of you more that you know

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