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No-Mind is a way of living that comes from the insight that the present moment,
here and now, is the only reality.
All else is just mind activity in the form of memory and imagination.
This insight reveals a deep peace regardless of thoughts, feelings and circumstances.
Allowing action to arise from this moment, reveals a natural flow in life transforming it into
an incredible and mysterious adventure to discover ever deeper levels of love and insight.
This week allows, inspires and points towards the possibility of "No-Mind Living."

Overview of the festival area. Takes some time to load...

 No Mind Festival
July 8-15 and July 16-23
in Sweden

Join the incredible No Mind Festival in Sweden
A festival with many hugs, lot's of fun and absolute love
The community brings many contemporary teachers and
musicians together with a 1000 participants.
The result is a week of Living Satsang, wild, alive and free!

More pictures, article in dutch

Festival site
The festival is located at Ängsbacka. Ängsbacka is a big growth center and community in the middle
of the Swedish forests. The focus is on satsang and meditative therapy with acknowledged teachers.
Ängsbacka is in the midst of forests in Molkom, 30 km's north of Karlstad in southwest Sweden.
Getting there is easy by bus, train or plane. Karlstad has an international airport.

festival site

T H E ANGSBACKA NO MIND FESTIVAL 2 0 0 5 July 8-15 and July 16-23.
You can come for the first,the second or both weeks.

Give yourself an unforgettable week in the blossoming summer landscapes of Sweden

You can come for the first, the second or both weeks.
Here you can find some of the most renowned spiritual teachers, musicians and workshop leaders from all over the world, gathered at beautiful Angsbacka in central Sweden. Every day you can choose from an offering of more than 20 different concerts, meditations and workshops covering a broad variety of topics, such as relationships, spirituality and social change, tantra, tone healing,
drum rythms, improvisation theatre, yoga, liberating dance, heart dance and more. The festival offers something for everyone.

The Angsbacka festival is famous for the unique atmosphere of openess, peace and celebration of life, created when one thousand people open up their hearts together. It is this "Angsbackafeeling"
that attracts people to return year after year. The power, warmth and vitality of the Festival reflects a broad perspective of spirituality, beyond organized religion and beliefs. Many say after visiting the festival that "This has been the best week of my life!".

The heart in Angsbacka festival is the "Sharing Groups"; All participants are encouraged to participate in a small group of 5-8 people (familygroups), who meet each morning to give each other support and feedback. This forms the basis for the Festival, enabling the intense energy generated during the week to transform into personal growth and self-realization.

There are also Morning Meditations, Evening Concerts, Drum Circles and spontaneous happenings of many kinds; on the Open Stage, around the Bonfire and elsewhere. From the feedback received from thousands of previous participants, we dare promise you a highlight of the
year and even of your life. The Festival is drug and alcohol-free.

Heart Dance, Tantra Workshop, Firewalk Workshop, Gregorian Chant,
Concerts, Family Constellations, Living School of Mystery, Qi-gong,
Sweat Lodge, Deeksha, Improvisation Theatre, Painting workshop, Vocal
Heartbeat, Liberating Dance, Energy Medicine and Healing, Poetry
Workshop, Satsangs, Tone Healing, Meditations, Kundalini Yoga
and much more.

Peggy Dylan(US), Chris James(AUS), Eric Roche(UK), Arjuna Ardagh(US),
Sarah Warwick(UK), Alan Clements(US), Peru(AUS), Rahasya & Nura(D),
Derk Loeks(US), Chameli Ardagh(NO), Danny Becher(NL), Meera(JPN),
Nestor Kornblaum(ZA), Anette Carlström(S), Svend Trier(DK), Svagito(D),
Raphael Cushnir(US), Bernie Prior(UK), Michêle Averard(UK),
Stockholm Improvisation Theater(S), Palash(DK), Paul Terrell(UK),
Talasi(DK), Alvaro Garcia(CL), Thomas Di Leva(S), Bart Smyth(US),
Omesh(UK), Bob Hansson(S), Pratibha(DK),
Anne Grundel(S), Pauli Mårsén(S), Mikael Khei(NO),
John Carrier(S), Harnam Singh(S), Hari Eriksson(S),
Ewa Roséen(S), Ingmari Roug(S), Eva Sanner(S),
Ramya(S), Anam(S), Ana Olivegren(S), Pernilla Jönsson(S),
Bertil Twede(S), Björn Årstad(NO), Mattis Olsson(S), Sudha(DK),
Peter Elmberg(S) Peo Hagfeldt(S) Annika Dopping(S),

There will be a Children's and Youth Festival with special leaders for
each age group; an exciting program filled with plays, fairytales,
storytelling, dance, theater and other fun stuff. We can accommodate a
maximum of 100 children/week so please sign up in good time.

Ängsbacka Kursgård, 660 60 Molkom, Sweden
Phone: +46 553 100 35, Fax: +46 553 100 36
E-mail: info@angsbacka.seAngsbacka is easily reached at reasonable cost by train or bus from
Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Traveling time by bus
from Stockholm or Oslo is approx 3,5 hours.

Volunteer Work: The Festival CampExperience the Festival as a worker! Take part in preparations for one or more weeks in advance of the festival, and enjoy the build-up of energy before the Festival. It is a wonderful time filled with new experiences, challenges, warmth, work and lots of meetings with old and new friends. Many feel that the Festival Camp time is as rewarding as the actual Festival.

For more information: festivalcamp@angsbacka.se or
www.nomindfestival.com/ and click "Festival Camp"

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