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Another Way.

Satsang is another way to live.

We have been through the use of our thought patterns. We have been taught and have learnt
how to look, think, perceive, rationalize, discuss and decide what to do, how to do it and when
not to do it. All this is very useful and clearly has had it's place til now.
Now you are actively or passively looking for another way to live.
This is clearly demonstrated, not by anything that you have done to this point, but by the fact that
you are reading this. This text is in your life at this moment to impart to you the essence of who
you are and have always been.
To point out that in fact all of us humans have been doing it the hard way and that in fact there is another way. An easier way, a much more simple way.
When we were babies we experienced seeing the world without any perception as to what was what. As we grew and discovered that "My gosh! This is My Body."
And if I hit your body you cry but I don't. You feel pain but I don't. We discover that in fact I am an individual and my life experience is different and independent to yours. In that we forget, or more accurately overlook the fact that as babies we also had the experience that at our very core we
are all one. We are all connected.
So now, having grown and discovered consciously that I am living and experiencing life here in this body with it's unique set of characteristics. And you are consciously living and experiencing your body. Plus the simple and easily overlooked fact that at a deeper level we are all connected.

We are all one.
To demonstrate this more clearly, let me explain. Come with me in your consciousness and
rediscover another way to live this life.
With your consciousness see that there is a life-force
that lives within you. This life force has lived with in you all these years.
Is that true?
This life-force is not related to your age or your body experience.
For example. Take a look at the age of your body in the mirror.
Does this essence, this life-force seem as old as the body?
Does it seem that no matter when you check it is still here, humming away.
Is it still here when you are sick, in bed?
Is it still here while you mundanely wash up?
Watch TV? Work? Dance? Live it up at a night club?
Do any of these activities influence this life-force?
You're right! They don't.
In fact if you check nothing influences this life-force.
This life-force is the oneness we are and have experienced as babies.
On our journey to individuals and to learning how to function in society we have simply overlooked
this life-force.
Yet, this life-force is here with us all the time. It never left us. It will never leave us.
We may overlook it for the excitement of living and operating in this stimulating environment of
our world, thoughts, wants and desires.
But it never leaves us. Not even while we are involved in these stimulations.
The suggestion is to pay attention to this life-force that is always with us.
To see how it operates. In fact, to discover the secret, that in fact it is living us!
And it is just that we have been thinking that we, our thought patterns live us.
In paying attention to this life-force we discover that life is much more simple than "Me" having to decide what to do and when and how and what if.
In fact, to see that this life-force actually lives us with a simplicity and ease of being that is truly
easy and relaxing.
As we pay attention to this life-force, we see that it has been living us all these years and we
have been over-riding its simple nature with our complicated mental functions.
So, as we now relax into this life-force we see it lives much more simply than "I" ever have.
With more ease and more grace. More lightly and easily than "I" have been til now.
Initially this can be quite a shock.
As we are used to the complication, the excitement of living through our thought patterns,
making decisions, getting it right, getting it wrong, fixing it up and making mistakes.
As we relax more into the simplicity of our life-force living us the enjoyment of the excitement,
the complication begins to drop away.
And more and more we see this simplicity of another way is far superior to how we have been
or are presently living.
In this easy, simple way we find it gradually becomes integrated into every aspect of our lives.

In Love Always & In All Ways Sky

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