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Put your concepts aside


 By Samarpan

When I say Truth, I am referring to That, which is everlasting, - eternal.
Everything what comes and goes, our bodies, our beliefs, our emotions
truly this whole Universe, is not dependable.
All of these things do not exist independent of the Truth.
They are not separate from Truth, but Truth does not depend on anything.
The Truth is.
Before the advent of the Universe and after the Universe is long forgotten.
This is who you are, and who I am.
This Truth is in the very core of every rock, every blade of grass, every bird,
every insect, ever microbe.
All forms and phenomena do not exist separate from That.
To discover the Truth, is a joy beyond imagination.
To discover the Truth of your being does not require any effort, any spiritual practice, or any belief.
What is required is to put aside all of your concepts, ideas and beliefs for one instant.
The Truth will then reveal itself to itself.
This revelation has no end.

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