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Satsang quotes from Rani

"The mind is not your enemy.
Mind is just a mechanism for thinking.
Who you are is beyond mind and no-mind both.
It is beyond anything the senses can sense, or the mind can imagine.
You are eternal silent consciousness.
You are That from which all else arises and to which all else returns."


"When you stop all searching and all trying you find nothing is left.
To the mind this nothing is devastating, even fearful and boring.
But now you investigate this nothing and find it to be that from which all arises.
In fact mysteriously this empty nothing turns out to be full at the same time.
You find it to be life itself. Love itself, truth itself. "


"Don't be fooled by appearances and forms.
Look, right now you recognise who you are, right?
Now is there any separation between you and anyone or anything?
No. So now you can see what the eye can't see.
That there is no separation anywhere.
That wherever you look you see your own self, whether in a beautiful flower
or the face of a serial killer.
All different reflections of one Self.
>So don't get confused by form.
We have been so confused about the form of enlightenment.
We thought that only the typical silent Indian guru was true enlightenment
and it made it impossible to reach for us.
The modern day Western Buddha has many different forms and faces.
All only pointing to that formless boundless love and truth that we are.
truth, love, silence.
It has no form and no face.
That is why it can't be remembered, it can only be known right here,
right now in this moment. Always in this moment.
So forget about remembering who you are, you are past that device now.
Just be still and know.
What is left is silence itself, formless unending consciousness;
and then form can be embraced as well as it is not separate from anything either.
But now form is seen to be the reflection and not the source."


 "You see, truth is simple.
It is the isness of all things.
The reflections are many and may look very complex.
But look deeper than that beyond form and only the simple isness of things remains.
As a seeker I was always looking for the extraordinary.
For something special.
Now I love the simplicity of ordinary life.
It is good enough as it is.
How lucky and extraordinary when we can recognise this as being enough .
What a relaxation.
No longer looking for the reflection of silence, but knowing that I am silence itself already.
No longer looking for love knowing that love is all there is.
No longer searching for anything but realising that I am what I was looking for.
How lucky you are that you can know this directly right now.
And then you see how sacred and divine this ordinariness really is."

All quotes from individual Satsang in Poona, India

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