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Snippet of Life - Sky
Spirit of the Wind - Deva Hannah

 Snippet of Life

As we Rest here life unfolds.
In the Resting & not touching or picking up of, identifying with
The currents of life float by.
They present themselves to us.
We see them clearly.
John calls this broadening.
They unfold & re-unite with formless consciousness.
John calls this deepening.
This broadening & deepening is a process-less process.
John calls this integration.
Integration is what unfolds after the initial awakening.
When integration is complete.
John calls this Home.
So looking at me, here, now.
This awakening is integrating itself.
There are moments when I am Home.
And moments when I am not.
This is an area I have been looking at for a while now.
It explains my present experience of life.
And I am grateful.
Thank you John.
In Deep Love, Sky O

Spirit of the Wind

Voice of breeze
- moves reeds and ripples water -
there's a whispering there.

Ever listened to the song of the air
- Felt how it fills and feeds you -
The wind blows for you too

Reeds rustle and bend
- going with the flow -
I hear small birds sing

Wondering vaguely about your song
I smile and happily hum along.

© Deva Hanna*


Poetry : Title 'Element Songs', Hanna Rijs, 2005, isbn 90-809998-1-4.
Anyone interested to order please mail to: eurynome@wanadoo.nl


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