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The Thinker of the Thought. by Michael Levy.

Reflections of the mind
in a life beyond earths green meadows,
My, how a seasons dramas pass by
like wind driven clouds,
And how congested the thinker of the thought.

Oceans shimmer like diamond starlight,
Mountain tops hide in silvery mystical haze,
Shadows stretch, tinted by crimson sunsets
varnishing the deep forests of pleasure,
Laughter and color frolic in twilight skies.

Beauty and joy dance in ever increasing circles
around the genius of fresh life,
Animals and plants live here
feeding each others existence,
Streams of exotic light infuse all.

But; how did it all slip by unnoticed?
Divine emptiness now fills the eternal voids,
A speck of mysterious nothingness reminisces,
Towards a place of awe and wonderment.

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