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                 Can you hear me my friend?

This verse is not, to remember
without recognition, there's instant surrender.
That's the way to travel, to the land of magic
where there is no road to, and thus... no tragic.

How can we enjoy, when we hold on to knowing
please cut your head, so now-ness is showing.
Truth is ugliness, together with beauty
but the moment you choose, you're mixed up in duty.

Can you hear these words, without their meaning
like a little child, who's mind isn't screaming?
How can you see, with eyes full of movement
that peace is already here, where there's no improvement?

I know we want to change, and preferably tomorrow
the result is instant, as a feeling of sorrow.
Anything we want, means struggle and fight
and gone is love, like a thief in the night.

I invite you to come, without any map
so you can live this life, without any trap.
Let's walk in the dark, where there's nothing to see
feel all your fear and please, let it be.

I would like you to jump, together with me
into that timeless space, where we're all already free.
There, you will find Truth, as it already found me
and paradise is here, where there's nothing to be.

gopalji with maharadjiGopalji with Maharadji

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