Frangiz Ali-Zadeh

Internet Edition compiled by Onno van Rijen

Updated 2 September 2006


28 May 1947 in Baku (Azerbaijan).


From 1954 until 1965 at the Music School of Baku (piano under Ulfan Khalilov); from 1965 until 1972 at Azerbaijan State Conservatory of Baku (composition under Kara Karaev. Graduated in piano in 1970 and in composition in 1972. From 1973 until 1976 she was assistant with Kara Karaev.


Ali-Zadeh combines Western avant-garde composition techniques with the traditional music of Azerbaijan.


Furthermore she wrote film music and music for documentaries.

The works of Frangiz Ali-Zadeh are published by Musikverlag Hans Sikorski

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