Opus 90: "The Sun Shines on Our Motherland", cantata after Y. Dolmatovsky for mixed and boys' chorus and orchestra

Internet Edition compiled by Onno van Rijen

Last update: 28 March 2014

CDs are listed as near as possible to a chronological order of performance year. Indicated are Label & Code, Performers, Year of Performance (P-Y) and Year of Release (R-Y).

Label and Code Performers P-Y R-Y
Russian Disc RD CD 11 048USSR SO, Yurlov Russian Chorus, K. Ivanov19611994
Praga Digitals SACD DSD350060USSR SO, Yurlov Russian Chorus, K. Ivanov19611994
Melodiya MEL CD 10 01065 (11 CD-set)Moscow PO, K. Kondrashin19672007
High Definition Tape Transfer HDCD 229Moscow PO, RSFSR Russian Chorus, Boys Choir of Moscow Choir School, K. Kondrashin19672011

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