Yuri Shaporin

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27 October/ 8 November 1887 in Glukhov (Ukraine). Died: 9 December 1966 in Moscow.


Shaporin received his secondary and higher education in St. Petersburg, where he graduated from the Law Faculty of the University. He entered the Conservatory in 1913 and graduated as composer and conductor in 1918. His teachers were Nikolai Sokolov, Maximilian Steinberg and Nikolai Tcherepnin. Together with Maxim Gorki and Alexander Blok he founded the Great Dramatic Theatre of Leningrad.


His music, in which vernacular elements play a big part, maintains in most essentials the tradition of Russian nationalism at its best, is ripe, human, thoughtful and poetic.


Music to the Play "The Robbers" after Schiller (1919)

Music to the Play "King Lear" after Shakespeare (1920)

Music to the Play "The Straw Hat" after Labiche (1920)

"Paulina Goebbel", opera in two acts after A. Tolstoi (1920)

Libretto: A. Tolstoi und P. Shegolev.
First performance: 1925.
"Song of the Firebird" for singer and seven instruments opus 2 (1923-1924)

Songs after Zamiatin for singer and orchestra opus 4 (1926)

Piano Sonata No. 1 in F sharp minor opus 5 (1924)

Six Romances after Tiutiev opus 6 (1925)

Piano Sonata No. 2 in B minor opus 7 (1926)

Music to the Play "The Assault of Perekop" (1927)

"The Flea", comic suite after Leskov for orchestra and folkinstruments opus 8 (1928)

1. Moderato assai
2. Andante con moto
3. Andantino
4. Andantino
5. Tempo di Valse
6. Moderato
Music to the Play "Tartuffe" after Moliere (1929)

Symphony in E minor (1932-1933)

In four parts.
Music to the Play "Boris Godunov" after A. Puschkin (1934)

Music to the Play "The Marriage of Figaro" after Beaumarchais (1935)

Five Romances after A. Pushkin opus 10 (1937)

Symphony after Mayakovsky for chorus, windorchestra, piano and orchestra opus 11 (1928-1933)

"Distant Youth", ten songs after A. Blok opus 12 (1935-1939)

"On the Field of Kulikov", symphonic cantata after A. Blok for soloists, chorus and orchestra opus 14 (1918-1939)

Music to the Film "Minin and Pozharsky" (1939)

"Elegies", five songs on texts by Russian poets (1940)

Music to the Play "A Comedy of Errors" after Shakespeare (1940)

Music to the Play "A Nobles' Nest" after Turgenev (1940)

Music to the Film "General Suvorov" (1940)

Music to the Film "Kutuzov" (1943)

"The Battle of Russia", oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra opus 17 (1943-1944)

After K. Simonov, A. Surkov, M. Lozinski and S. Severzev.
Music to the Play "Ivan the Terrible" (1944)

"How Long Will the Vulture Circle?", oratorio after A. Blok for mezzo-soprano, bass, chorus and orchestra opus 20 (1945-1947)

Revised in 1963.
"For Tshaadayev" after A. Puschkin for tenor, chorus and orchestra (1949)

"The Decembrists, opera in four acts after A. Tolstoi (1953)

With material of the opera "Paulina Goebbel".
Libretto: V. Rozhdestvensky.
First performance: 1953 in Moscow.
Five Pieces for cello and piano opus 25 (1956)
CD EMI CZS 572016-2 (13 CD-set): Mstislav Rostropovich (cello)
"Memory of the Heart", eight romances after Tiutshev opus 26 (1958)

Ballade for piano opus 28 (1959)

And furthermore
Music to about 80 more films.

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