Georgs Pelecis

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18 June 1947 in Riga.


After the Riga School of Music Pelecis graduated the Piotr Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow in Aram Khachaturjan`s composition class in 1970, and in 1977 he finished the music theory post-graduate course with Vladimir Protopopov.


Pelecis composes very simple but appealing and melodious works, often in a minimalist or repetitive but still his own style. There is a clear influence of the old music of the 14th till 17th century, he's specialised in as music professor. Influences of Reich and Pärt and the folk music of his country.
The musical tonality of Georgs Pelecis seems to reverberate some amazingly clear positive spirit. This very quality, whose genetic ancestry can be found partly in Renaissance and Baroque music and partly in the minimalist aesthetic, brings a spiritual strength to the composerís creative output and brings to Latvian music a previously unknown, freshly breathing and pulsating activity. From all the style classifications which the composer himself and musical critics have given to his works, the most precise would be new consonant music, where euphony is the harmonic ideal. The composer as a personality and a creator distances himself from the drama and the duality of the soul. His music has nothing in common with stylization, although it reveals a deeply understood knowledge of the music of past cultures.


Scherzo Toccata for piano (1964)
Duration: 3 minutes.
Variations for piano (1965)
Duration: 7 minutes.
"My Cradle Dreams", cycle for mixed choir (1967)
Duration: 16 minutes.
Nordic Songs, cycle for mixed choir (1968)
Duration: 12 minutes.
"Footprints (Pedas)", cantata for tenor, mezzo soprano, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1969)
Duration: 17 minutes.
Concerto for balalaika, saxophone and symphony orchestra (1970)
Duration: 23 minutes.
Concerto for wind orchestra (1971)
Duration: 20 minutes.
Grotesque March for wind orchestra (1972)
Duration: 4 minutes.
"New Year's Music" for piano (1977)
Duration: 14 minutes.

CD BIS CD-702: Alexei Ljubimov (piano)

"New Year's Music" for wind orchestra (1979)
Duration: 14 minutes.
Suite No. 1 for piano (1980
Duration: 10 minutes.
Celebration Overture for wind orchestra (1982)
Duration: 3 minutes.
Overture Ave sol! (1982)
Duration: 5 minutes.
Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (1982)

"Alternatives", nonet for piano and strings (1982)

"In the Memory Boat", vocal cycle for tenor and piano (1983)

Duration: 20 minutes.
Two songs for mixed choir (1983)
Duration: 5 minutes.
Concertino bianco in C for piano and chamber orchestra (1983)
Duration: 13 minutes 30 seconds.

Erato 0630-12709-2: Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie of Bremen, Heinrich Schiff (cond), Alexei Ljubimov (piano)
CD Warner Apex 2564 60491-2: Deutsche Kamerphilharmonie Bremen, Heinrich Schiff (cond), Alexei Lubimov (piano)

Four Childrenís Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (1984)
Duration: 9 minutes.
"Music Behind the Wall" for violin, viola, cello, and bassoon (1984)
Duration: 15 minutes.
Suite No. 2 for piano (1984)
Duration: 13 minutes 30 seconds.

CD S.I.A.E SSCD 003: Sergio Mascara (piano)

Suite No. 3 for piano (1985)
Duration: 17 minutes.
Childrenís Concerto for piano and orchestra (1985)

"The Whole Family Sings", twenty-five songs (or choir songs) with lyrics by many poets (1986)

Duration: 1 hour.
"The Strings of a Poetís Spring", vocal cycle for baritone and piano (1986)
Duration: 14 minutes.
Four Childrenís Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (1986)
Duration: 7 minutes.
String Quartet "Lamento" (1986)
Duration: 20 minutes.
Suite No. 4 for piano (1986)
Duration: 10 minutes.

CD AVK 001: Mireille Gleizes (piano)

Overture Prelude to Celebrations for wind orchestra (1987)
Duration: 5 minutes.
"My Mind Longs for Simplicity", cycle for mixed choir (1987)
Duration: 13 minutes.
Two Songs for mixed choir (1988)
Duration: 14 minutes.
Piano Sonata (1988)
Duration: 28 minutes.
Suite for wind orchestra (1990)
Duration: 10 minutes.
Music in the Meadow for flute, violin, viola, cello and bassoon (1990)
Duration: 16 minutes.
"Nevertheless", concerto for violin, piano and chamber orchestra (1994)
Duration: 28 minutes.

Teldec Classics 0630-14654-2: Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie of Bremen, Gidon Kremer (violin), Vadim Sakharov (piano)

Three Psalms of David (Nos. 13, 17, 146) for mixed choir (1996)
Duration: 14 minutes.
Music for the Roald Dahl fable "Jack and the Beanstalk" for symphony orchestra and narrators (1996)
Duration: 42 minutes.
Christ is Risen! (Kristus ir augsamcelies!)", orthodox Easter oratorio for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1996)
Duration: 45 minutes.
"Very Serious Variations on Etude No. 1 by Rudolph Kreutzer (Loti nopietnas variacijas par Rudolfa Kreicera etidi Nr. 1)" for violin, contra-bassoon, trombone, tuba, contrabass, and string instruments (1997)
Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds.
Orthodox Easter Prayer Cycle for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1997)
Duration: 1 hour.
Twenty-One Latvian folk songs (with lyrics) for piano (1998)

Marcia funebre for piano (1998)

Duration: 20 minutes.
"Oxbridge Brassfest", four solo concerto's for French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba and symphony orchestra and two concerto's for all brass instruments and symphony orchestra (1998)

"Surrexit Pastor Bonus", Easter motet for menís choir (1998)

Duration: 5 minutes.
Two Latvian folksongs for mixed choir (1999)

"Almost a Fugue" for four tubas (1999)

Duration: 5 minutes.
Prelude and Fugue for violin, flute, and three saxophones (1999)
Duration: 6 minutes 30 seconds.
"Christ is Born (Kristus ir dzimis)", Christmas oratorio for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2000)
Duration: 55 minutes.
Thirteenth London Symphony for chamber orchestra (2000)
Duration: 22 minutes.
"God is Love (Dievs ir milestiba)", oratorio for mixed choir (2001)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Meeting with a Friend (Tiksanas ar draugu)" for violin (or piano) and string orchestra (2001)
Duration: 11 minutes.

CD Deutsche Grammophon 474 801-2: Kremerata Baltica, Gidon Kremer (violin)

Close By A Feast (Svetku tuvuma)" for chamber orchestra (2001)
Duration: 12 minutes.
"Astor Piazzolla, Oskar Strock and Me (Astors Pjacolla, Oskars Stroks un es)" for violin and string orchestra (2001)
Duration: 17 minutes.
Canonical overture "55 + 5" for violin (concertante), orchestra of 22 strings and recording (2002)
Duration: 7 minutes.
Dialogue for soprano, three contra-tenors and organ (2003)
Duration: 20 minutes.
"Revelation" for counter-tenor, flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord (2003)
Duration: 17 minutes.
"The Ideal of a Woman" for womenís choir (2003)
Duration: 8 minutes.
"Long Years" for mixed choir (2003)
Duration: 1 minutes.
Meetings and Separations for two cellos (2003)
Duration: 10 minutes.
Correspondence for two pianos (2003)
Duration: 1 hour.
Two Dedications (Divi veltijumi)", concerto for two pianos and chamber orchestra (2003)

"Pearl of Vidzeme (Vidzemes perle)", cantata for the town of Salacgriva for mixed choir and wind orchestra (2003)

Missa Brevis for women's choir and piano (2003)

"Songs of Hildegard", cycle for five female voices, three kokles, recorder and organ (2004)

Duration: 50 minutes.
Death was Destroyed by Death (Navi ar navi iznicinajis)", oratorio for mixed choir, phonogram and painting reproductions (2004)
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes.
I See His Blood Upon the Rose for SATB chorus
Duration: 7 minutes.
First performance: February 2008 in Ireland.

Thanks to Jan Vanvelk from Leuven, Belgium for additional information

The works of Georgs Pelecis are published by Musikverlag Hans Sikorski

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