Valeri Kikta

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22 October 1941 in Vladimirovka (near Donetsk).


Valery Kikta studied at the Moscow Choral College from 1951 until 1959. In 1965 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. His teachers were Bogatyryov and Khrennikov.


"The Golden Age", ballet (1963)

"Ossian", suite for harp (1965)

Piano Concerto No. 1 (1965)

Suite No. 1 for organ "Organfrescos" opus 16 (1966)

"Lament for a Lost Heart" after Takuboky for tenor, flute and orchestra (1966)

LP Melodiya D 028059-62: Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Rudolf Barshai (cond), Aleksander Korneyev (flute), Ivan Kozlovsky (tenor)
“Ukrainian Carols and Spring Ritual Songs”, concerto for orchestra (1967)
CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00229: USSR TV and Radio Large Symphony Orchestra, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (cond)
Choral, Improvisation and Allegro barbaro for harpsichord (1967)

Piano Sonata No. 1 (1967)

"Latin Vocalises", concerto for voice and organ (1967)

Suite No. 2 for organ „Orpheus“ opus 21 (1968)

Suite No. 3 for organ opus 25 ("Metamorphosis") (1969)

Piano Sonata No. 2 (1969)

"Valiant Knights", overture for orchestra (1969)

"Beyond the Edge of Darkness", vocal cycle after Kontkovsky for tenor and piano or soloists ensemble (1969)

LP Melodiya CM 03769-72: USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra Soloists Ensemble, Alexander Korneyev (cond), Ivan Kozlovsky (tenor)
CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00229: USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra Soloists Ensemble, Alexander Korneyev (cond), Ivan Kozlovsky (tenor)
Four poems of Osman for harp (1969)

Vocal Triptych for Children and Chamber Ensemble (1970)

Piano Sonata No. 3 (1970)

Cadenza for violin (1970)

Diptychon for harp (1970)

Oratorio on Princess Olga for chorus and orchestra (1970)

Suite No. 4 for organ (1969)

Suite No. 5 for organ "Little Pastorale" opus 33 (1970)

"Birch Horn", piano pieces for children (1970-1972)

Poems after pictures by Vesnotsov for narrator and folk orchestra (1971)

“Awakening”, vocal cycle after Pushkin (1971)

“Transcarpathian Triptych” for children chorus and flute (1971)

Concerto for thirteen trumpets (1971)

Piano Concerto No. 2 (1972)

Two Pieces for harp (1972)

"The Varicolored Braggart", children's opera (1972)

"The Golden-Bellied Fly (Mucha-Zokotucha)", ballet (1973)

"Song of the Mother", cantata for chorus and orchestra (1973)

“Frescos of St. Sofia Cathedral of Kiev”, concerto for harp and orchestra (1974)

CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00229: Moscow Philharmony Soloists Ensemble, Alexander Korneyev (cond), Olga Erdeli (harp)
"Danko", ballet (1974)

Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (1974)

Concerto for tuba and orchestra (1974)

Concerto for viola and orchestra (1974)

“Dedication”, ballet (1975)

Composed with Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov.
“Smolensk Tunes” for violin and folk orchestra (1975)

"Vasilisa Mikulishna" for narrator, women's chorus and orchestra of folk instruments (1975)

“Slavonic Poem” for folk orchestra (1976)

Poem for organ and orchestra (1976)

“Return to Pushkin”, song cycle (1976)

“The Seosons”, cycle for children’s chorus (1976)

“Robber Ballads from the Transcarpathian Mountains” for men’s chorus, bells and recorder (1976)

"Dubrovsky", ballet (1977)

“Antique visions” for clarinet and harp (1977)

Sonata No. 1 for bassoon and piano (1977)

Chorus Concerto No. 1 for double men’s chorus (1977)

Chorus Concerto No. 2 for men’s chorus (1978)

“Slavonic song cycle”, polyphonic piano pieces for children (1978)

Romantic Variations on a theme by Lyudkevich for harp (1978)

"Christ had a Garden", variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky for cello, strings and synthesizer (1979)

CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00229: Symphony Orchestra, Gennadi Provatorov (cond), Alexander Zyumbrovsky (cello)
Sonata No. 2 for bassoon and piano (1979)

“The Frescos of the St. Sofia Cathedral of Kiev”, ballet (1980)

"Kulikovo Symphony" for soprano and orchestra of folk instruments (1980)

Sonata No. 1 “Sonata Lamentosa” for harp (1980)

Sonata No. 2 “Bylina Scales” in E flat major for harp (1982)

CD Russian Compact Disc RCD 16205: Vera Dulova (harp)
Fantasy on themes from Peter Tchaikovsky's "Pique Dame" for harp (1982)
LP Melodiya C10 21881006: T. Tauer (harp)
“At the smoldering chimney”, fantasy for harp (1983)

“Ave Maria”, ballet (1984)

Ukrainian Passacaglia for organ (1985)

Piano Concerto No. 3 (1986)

"Legends of the Ural Foothills", ballet (1986)

"Revelations", ballet (1990)

Libretto by Mikhail Lavronsky and Valery Lu-Chu-Kan.
1. Prologue
2. Chaos
3. The Virgin
4. Satan
5. Adagio
6. The Apostles
7. Judas
8. The crucifixion
9. The Cross

CD Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga MK 417057: Chorus & Orchestra, Gennadi Provatorov (cond), Valery Kastelsky (piano), Aleksander Zumbrovsky (cello)

“The Rape of Europe”, symphonic poem (1990)

“Vladimir the Baptist”, symphonic poem (1990)

Oboe Concerto No. 1 “Belgorod” (1991)

Concerto-Poem for 2 Pianos and Chamber Orchestra (1993)

"Holy Dniepr", oratorio (1993)

"Chrysostomos Liturgy" for mixed chorus a capella (1994)

“The White Cockard”, ballet (1995)

Oboe Concerto No. 2 “Petersburg” (1996)

“Prayer during Lent” for mixed chorus a capella (1996)

War Sonata for kettledrum (1997)

Sonata for violin and harp (1998)

“La luce delle tacite stelle”, oratorio for soprano, tenor, chorus and harp orchestra (1998-1999)

CD Egan Records 00032: Spiritual Revival Choir of Russia, Lev Kontorovich (cond), Platon Grekov (tenor), Victoria Smirnova (soprano), Natalia Shameyeva, Irina Pashinskaya, Anna Levina, Anna Koroliova, Anna Verkholantseva & Nika Rabchinenko (harps)
Scottish Suite on Scottish Themes from 16th – 18th centuries for two harps and orchestra (2000)
CD Egan Records 00032: State Symphony Orchestra of Moscow, Vladimir Ponkin (cond), Natalia Shameyeva & Anna Verkholantseva (harps)
Sonata for oboe and violin (2000)

Polyphonic Variations on the Song of the Volga

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