Welcome to the EU SOS site, the page that rushes to the aid of the European flag in distress. Traditionally it's considered a distress call when a flag is raised upside down. Anyone who now thinks it's impossible to do this with a EU-flag has come to this site in the nick of time. To start with, let's dispell the myth that the stars represent a number of countries. The 12 stars on the flag are a symbolic representation of perfection. The five-pointed stars are arranged like the hours positions of a clock and they all have one point facing upwards and two downwards.

The following mistakes can be made:
1:   flag is upside down
2:   stars are not on the hour positions of a clock
3:   the incorrect flag of the second example is upside down
4:   stars not positioned with one point upwards but all outwards
5:   scale of the stars is incorrect (too big)
6:   the incorrect flag of the fifth example is upside down

The attentive tourist will notice that such mistakes are commonplace. Proud Europeans, who report this to the organisation that makes the mistake will generally be greeted in a friendly way. In fact, such a visit will most likely earn the tourist a nice present or an exclusive tour.

In the menu, the regulations a correct EU-flag has to comply with, can be found under the item 'Regulations'. 'The Hotels & Restaurants' and 'Governmental'-items point to pages where pictures and descriptions of companies and organisations can be found, that were using the flag incorrectly.

Click on the item 'E-mail' to send a message. Feedback about this site is more than welcome! And off course pictures and descriptions of other faulty uses of the flag even more so.