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From my original post to the Cotonbreeders forum on October 2, 2003

Hello everyone,

I am writing this message to warn everyone about an unethical, deceptive “breeder” named Lisa Crocker. My Coton experiences began in March when I started looking for a female Coton. Unfortunately, I found Lisa Crocker. I’m not going to bore you with why I chose her other than to say I was stupid…I’ll admit it. She advertised Champion European bloodlines, named all the top kennels as being in the puppies lineage, etc…It all sounded great. She said she had been breeding for 13 years, had 5 Coton’s, etc, etc. She said the puppies would be FCI registered. Not having any prior knowledge of rare breeds and their registries, I didn’t know that dogs born in the U.S. could not be registered with F.C.I. (just one of the many lies that I found out after the fact). Lisa sent me pictures of beautiful dogs; one she said was the mother, Bijou, the other the father, Ritchie. She sent me pictures of the litter of five as well as a picture of what should have been my little girl. I agreed to buy her…one show-quality female. The money was wired to a bank account in the name of Sandra Marlow (Lisa said this was her mothers account and had a long drawn out story about why the money needed to go into this account and not her own). There were problems with the shipping (again I won’t bore you with the details). The puppy finally arrived on April 14, 2003. She came in an old travel crate lined with torn newspaper…no food, no water…just one scared puppy (and she looked NOTHING like the pictures I had been sent). She arrived with a health certificate and nothing more…no shot history, no feeding instructions, NO PAPERS.

Let me fast forward a few months. I posted a message on the Dog Fancy forum looking for others who had dealt with Lisa. I sent emails to Jane Doe, Ron and several other breeders looking for advice. I heard that several of these people had heard of Lisa and knew there had been complaints about her from others. People began responding to my post. Meanwhile, I begin searching for answers.

I set up several email accounts and began my own “sting” operation. I emailed Lisa every few weeks about the Cotons she had advertised. Funny thing is, she ALWAYS had a Coton that “would be available in about two weeks”. The parent pictures, to my surprise, where always Bijou and Ritchie, yet the puppies were always eight weeks old. I never knew a bitch could give birth every two weeks…guess I missed that biology lesson!!! Lisa gives the following as a reference to one of my inquiries…Anna . Lisa said she sold Anna a dog last year. Do a Google search on Anna (that’s Anna Frumina, RUSDOGS…convicted of 27 counts animal cruelty (dead puppies found at her Kennel/mill in PA), suspended by the AKC for 11 years, etc, etc, etc…One of the people I was contacted by from the Dog Fancy forum said that after having trouble getting her already-paid-for puppy from Lisa, and was told by Lisa that her friend Anna would be shipping her the puppy. The dog arrived from a PA airport.

I search websites for information and stumbled upon Ritchie’s picture on the Domaine de Luniray website (same exact picture Lisa is sending perspective buyers). I emailed Nicole asking for information telling her only that I had bought a dog from a woman in the US named Lisa Crocker who had sent me Ritchie’s picture saying he was my puppy’s father. I told her I was having trouble getting papers, and for that matter, in getting any pedigree information….Lisa would not even give me the registered names of the parents!!! Nicole responded saying that if the woman who sold me the dog owned the father, she should be able to give me the information I wanted. (YEAH, OKAY, SURE!!!) Lisa then sent me an email saying I had a lot of nerve contacting Nicole. She said that Nicole had been her mentor in Cotons for many years and that I should not contact her again.

More searching…I find some pictures on L'Echo des Elingues Magazine, an interview with Sara-France. The litter picture at the end of the article looks surprisingly like the pictures Lisa had sent me of the litter she was selling. I email Sara-France asking if she knew of Lisa. I told her why I was asking and forwarded the pictures Lisa had sent me. Sure enough, the pictures of the mother and the litter were all Sara-France pictures and her dogs. The mother picture was actually taken in Sara Frances house. I have asked Sara-France to post something about her involvement with Lisa, as I don’t feel it is my place to post beyond my own experiences….

Back to the forum, more people are contacting me…many are too embarrassed about what happened to them to actually “go public”, some have filed complaints with their sheriff’s departments, others have file complaints with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center. All feel they were scammed…none received papers, some received sick pups, others defective dogs. One received her pup with a FORGED health certificate (the USDA and Northwest Airlines have been notified). You can read many of their complaints on the Dog Fancy Forum.

* note: “Somebody” requested removal of the posts on the Dog Fancy and Animalnetworkforums. Over 8 pages of posts where removed without notification.

Then, suddenly, Lisa disappears. Disconnects her phones, cancels her email accounts…unreachable.

One of the girls who was scammed had commented that Lisa had bragged to her about her close friendship with Micky, how she had attended the World Dog Show with Micky in June and was buying a dog from her. I was shocked, to say the least. Margreet de Brie saw the girl’s comments also and emailed Micky to see if she had ever heard of Lisa. Much to our surprise, she had…and her story is by far the worst yet (in my opinion). She agreed to sell Lisa two show quality Woodland Cottage (one male, one female). I hope that Micky will post her story, but the bottom line is, Lisa got the dogs and Micky got partial payment and two bad checks.

I will end this by posting the email I sent to Jane Doe yesterday. I know the email sounds angry and harsh, but I am so frustrated about what is happening, I needed to vent to someone. (Sorry, Jane Doe)

Jane Doe,

Does it occur to you that someone selling "show/breedable" quality unpapered dogs is the first step toward a sure disaster if the buyer is not someone like myself? Lisa Crocker doesn't care who she sells dogs to. She admits to selling a dog to Anna Frumina...ever read about her...look her up if you want to have your stomach turned! Lisa has used pictures of Sara Franches dogs to sell her puppies. During the period when I bought my dog from her, she had available show-quality dogs every two the same parents!!!!This is not hearsay; I have the emails to prove it. I have confirmation from Sara France that the pictures were of her dogs, taken in her house. Now, if breeders had been warned about this woman, Micky would not have sold her TWO show/breedable quality Cotons just this past June. And guess what, the checks Micky got from Lisa have bounced, but the pups were delivered by a handler to Lisa. She has since moved, changed all her emails, disconnected her phones...effectively disappeared with two Woodland Cottage dogs. Through extensive research and some good investigative work, I have found her again, and guess what...she has set up shop selling bull terriers, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, havanese, and I'm sure more Cotons soon enough. She is laying low on the Coton front since I filed my lawsuit against her. Since I bought my unpapered pet quality Coton, I have found 7 others who were scammed by Lisa as I was. Is this still hearsay? Most of the people I have written to have told me I should have been more careful in choosing a breeder. But what about the breeders who are selling Lisa Crocker dogs...are they not the start of this chain reaction? Should it be left up to me, a no-name, naive, buyer to get the word out? Believe me, I will do whatever it takes to stop this from continuing. I have held off posting on the forum, as I feel I am nothing more than an interested observer of this coton breeder’s world. I have tried to persuade others to step up to the plate; those that would have a better chance of being listened to and heard. But, whether it is for embarrassment, or lack of caring, none of the people who matter have chosen to say anything. Micky still thinks she might get her money. What a joke. What about those two babies that are now in Lisa's hands? Doesn't anyone care about them? A woman who bought a dog from Lisa in Tennessee (before she up and moved in the middle of the night) went to her home It was abandoned, but all the dog cages remained in the yard. She spoke with several of Lisa's former neighbors, who told her the dogs were kept in the small cages all the time. She filed a report with the Fayette County sheriff’s office (Bobby Riles is the name of the sheriff deputy whom I have spoken to...not hearsay). So, how long do you think it will be before many more Coton's end up in the hands of millers and brokers? Lisa only cares about the money, she sold three dogs to a South Korean broker, Jonathan something-or-other (boker), perhaps you have heard of him. Same guy who bought dogs from Anna Frumina. Apparently, and this may be hearsay, he is moving to the U.S. How scary.

Bottom line is, I have looked for help in every way possible...not because of the money I lost. I could care less about that. But finding help from anyone in the Coton world has gone nowhere. The advice I was offered ranged from, "oh, how horrible this woman sounds" to "well maybe you should just have the dog spayed and start over". Yeah, great, thanks!!!! I could have walked away like I'm sure many others have, too embarrassed to tell anyone what happened to me. But I care about these dogs, as I'm sure you do. As has been quoted over and over..."one dog at a time", or in this case "one so-called-breeder at a time".


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