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Minihex 2 is a hexapod with three servos.

The electronics of the servos are removed and I have put in a 6 transistor H-bridge.

At the moment there are only several pictures available, but ASAP I will update with the electronics and a printed circuit design.


The electronics are just 3 IC.

(74HC14 and 2 *CD4053) and a handfull of resistors, capacitors and LEDs.


In the picture you can see that the feelers aren't mounted jet.

Minihex 2 can go reverse,turn on the spot to the left or right, depending on wether the left or right feeler is touched. Also the speed of the walking movement can be adjusted.

Al this with simple, easy to get electronic components and without a computer !





Just some picture to make things clear !


Feelers are made from guitar strings covered with some silicon tube material. Isolation from a piece of wire will do also.

In the detail pictures of the feelers you see a small piece of wire soldered to the guitar string, with this wire it is easier to adjust the guitar string between the two switch pins. They are situated at the left and right side of the guitar string.

New Pictures


The schematics of this minihexapod consist of two parts.

The first part makes it move, and is called : PNCFREE ucore, this is BEAM electronics.

The second part makes it possible to turn or even go reverse.

You have to build this piece twice; one for the left motor and one for the right motor.

For going reverse use a CD 4053 ( CD 5053 was a type mistake, sorry !)

The printed circuit looks like this.

I hope it shows enough details.

At the moment I'm using a old PCB program, that only works under DOS. In future I will try to use a better program, so that drawings will show more details, and also some colors will be possible.

Some soldering tips.

BEAM circuits are very sensitive to disturbances.

Make sure every connection you make is good, very good.

Control your doings twice, don't make mistakes !