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It's about astronomy, small robots, BEAM and RC ships !

29 april 2006

more then 53.000 visitors !

Last update was in oct, since then not much has

been build.

Just updated ALI , there was a mistake in the circuit .Sorry Jesse, a 15 year old boy, who had problems with building this small bot.


a wire controlled ROV

=remote operated vehicle ( submarine)

a double piston diving tank

a BEAM snake robot

a very simple beam bot

(developped for my friend Hans and his son Tobias,

who are also RC ship builders)


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This is the logo for my observatory. No it isn't wrong !

OPSS stands for: Observatory for Planets and Stars in Space !

The basic idea came from my brothers oldest daughter Arantxa.

John Hanssen, a relative of my sister in law, made the logo with airbrush. Compliments !!




Sun pictures (webcam)

  Moon pictures (webcam)
  Planet pictures (webcam)
  Equatorial mount
  ROV 2005


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These pages are made out of 100% recycled light particles
No animals were harmed


The history of this homepage




29 apr 2006 Circuit of ALI ( small bort) has been replaced. There were some connections missing.
21 okt 2005

Some new projects are introduced.

- simple bot

- BEAM snake

- double piston diving tank

- ROV submarine

Not all of them are finished. I hope that during the long and cold wintermonths I can spent more time on these projects.

29 may 2005

The link to Régis (re-re) homepage has been adjusted.

Also a mistake in the printed circuit of MAXIBUG has been fixed. Look at the printed circuit ( mistake is drawn in red).

Kjell (from Norway) noticed this mistake Tanks Kjell !

10 feb 2005

A drawing of the magnetometer is available now. Also the software can be downloaded, so take a look and give it a try (build your own magnetometer).
8 feb 2005 Some new pictures of the big sunspot of jan 2005, Saturn, my new equatorial mounting, my magnetometers are placed.
8 jan 2005 New magnetometer graphs made on 7-8 jan 2005 . They look great. Big change in magnetic north of the earth was detected caused by our sun.
21 dec 2004 Some new pictures of the Moon . They look great ! Also seperated the webcam picture into 3 groups: SUN - MOON and PLANET pictures.
19 dec 2004

The first information about my magnetometer is now available. More to come soon....

Things to come VSAM = very simple aurora monitor ( I'm working on the info to put on my site) Allmost no electronics, old PC is enough, GWbasic programming, graphical display and data storage on files ( 2880 data/24 houres), can be used in EXCEL !
05 okt 2004

New webcam pictures with better resolution.

06 mar 2004 New pictures of the sun made with a TOUcam Pro2 webcam.
16 nov 2003

Another update.

More Webcam pictures are placed, also some links are added.

nov 2003

Finaly : the first pictures are made with a webcam and my telescope and the Crayford focuser is mounted. Works great !

Look here for the pictures I've made from our moon.

okt 2003

Yep, after 3 years of BEAM building, one of the big sources Solorbotics is mentioning my name, just a small copy of their article :

New Development: We've just discovered that we've reinvented the wheel! Original kudos to Math Vos, on his "LightHead 2" (here's the circuit) which he developed (when? No idea...) to make a very simple headbot. Andy Pang even did a tutorial on how to do it! Well, at least we were first to put it into a photovore...

This makes me very proud, but I have to say that they are a great source for finding and developing new ideas, without them I probably wouldn't be building these little fellows. Just have a look at their home page, and take some time to see what is possible with this BEAM stuff. SOLARBOTICS


A mistake in ALI's printed circuit has been discovered and is repared ! Thanks Régis for pointing : one of the 7414 IC missed a connection to + power (Sorry). Also a some new pictures are added, and ALI now has several brothers and sisters.

A new bot walker2 is ready. It can be seen here .

Also some new pictures of FRED are made with a new look. I call this one FREDANT. Why ? Just look at this pictures and you know.....

jun 2003

few small updates in others printed circuit of ALI

mar 2003 5 new bots are placed
feb 2003

Changed the layout of this page and added several pictures of my telescope inside the observatory: found here

Also made a mistake in Hexapod 2

The CD5053 should be a CD 4053 ! Sorry for all the problems ...

dec 2002

I've build a new photovore "FRED" according to a great tutarial made by Ben Hitchcock. More pictures of Fred can be found here

For the tutorial of Ben click HERE.

nov 2002

Spend a lot of time building a observatory.

This is how things look like, today !

Want to see more click here

28 nov 2001

A new bot I'm working on.

Some pictures of the mechanics are available.

Click Micro Hexapod

Also more pictures of minihex 2 !

5 nov 2001

The printed circuit of MINIHEX 2 is ready.

Click minihex 2.

2 nov 2001

The schematics of MINIHEX 2 are ready.

Click minihex 2.


1 nov 2001

Important: there was a mistake in the information of the minihex 2.

Used ICs : 74HC14 and 2 CD5053 , and not as mentioned: 7416 and 2 x 5053. SORRY !


30 okt 2001

Finally a new bot: MINIHEX2 , based on a PNCFREE uCORE (realy BEAM !)

At this moment only several pictures , but ASAP there will be more information available.

To go to the pictures click here

28 aug 2001

Just another update.

More new pictures of the thinks I have done in the last 6 months .

Click here


20 aug 2001

Finally a new update.

Just some pictures of the thinks I have done in the last 6 months .

Click here for some pictures.


3 mrt 2001

The printed circuit Pathfinder is ready and on this homepage.

For those who wanted to build "Quickly" or "Herbie" the schematics have been adjusted !

24 feb 2001


Circuits of Quickly and Herbie are changed.

One SHF205 was drawn in the wrong direction.

Sorry, sorry,sorry. Wilf, thanks for your Email.

Pathfinder is ready. Nice simple bot, with good performance. The printed circuit will be presented as soon as possible.

Click here to go to PATHFINDER.

9 feb 2001 More links and more pictures of the RC models
6 feb 2001

Just some small changes have been made in al the links to other homepages.

Also all the circuits and printed circuit design now have the name of my homepage. So you'll always know where you "found" it on the Internet !!!

5 feb 2001 MAXIBUG: Made some minor adjustments on the schematic and the three grafics, so they will fit better.
4 feb 2001 MAXIBUG: Finally it's ready ! Lots of pictures and also some grafs. Also put in MINIBUG and MICROBUG Click here.
31 jan 2001 The links to the three new bots are better now! Just click on the picture.
30 jan 2001 Just made some small changes on this page


29 jan 2001

Printed circuit off the MOT, Herbie and Quickly are also available now !

Don't have one off the Walker (never made a design with the computer.)


28 jan 2001

Added more links


Still have to work on Maxibug, it works great, but putting it on my homepage, as a tutarial, is much more work then building one, also building bots is much more fun. But I'll work on it, I've promised.

Introducing three new small bots, easy to build.

Click on pictures to goto Others where you will find more info.


Microfly = a very,very small bot, only two components !
Quickly = a small line follower
Herbie = a small light follower, with reverse option.


23 jan 2001

Almost all the printed circuit designs are now available.

Print it out, each one has a ruler to adjust the size.

Thanks goes to my friend Jos for his help.