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Chapter PART I.
I. The author sets forth towards the Western Islands, in the service of the West India Company of France. They meet with an English frigate, and arrive at the Island of Tortuga
II. Description of the Island of Tortuga: of the fruits and plants there growing : how the French settled there, at two several times, and cast out the Spaniards, first masters thereof. The author of this book was twice sold in the said Island
III. Description of the great and famous Island of Hispaniola
IV. Of the Fruits, Trees and Animals that are found at Hispaniola
V. Of all sorts of quadruped Animals and Birds that are found in this island. As also a relation of the French Buccaneers
VI. Of the origin of the most famous Pirates of the coasts of America. A notable exploit of Pierre le Grand
VII. After what manner the Pirates arm their vessels, and how they regulate their voyages

I. Origin of Francis L'Ollonais, and beginning of his robberies
II. L'Ollonais equips a fleet to land upon the Spanish islands Of America, with intent to rob, sack and burn whatever he met
III. L'Ollonais makes new preparations to take the city of St. James de Leon ; as also that of Nicaragua, where he miserably perishes
IV. Of the Origin and Descent of Captain Henry Morgan-- his Exploits and a continuation of the most remarkable actions of his life
V. Some account of the Island of Cuba. Captain Morgan attempts to preserve the Isle of St. Catharine as a refuge and nest to Pirates; but fails of his designs. He arrives at and takes the villages of El Puerto del Principe
VI. Captain Morgan resolveth to attack and plunder the city of Porto Bello. To this effect he equips a fleet, and with little expense and small forces, takes the place
VII. Captain Morgan taketh the city of Maracaibo, on the coast of New Venezuela. Piracies committed in those seas. Ruin of three Spanish ships, that were set forth to hinder the robberies of the Pirates
I. Captain Morgan goes to the Isle of Hispaniola to equip a new fleet, with intent to pillage again upon the coasts of the West Indies
II. What happened in the river De la Hacha
III. Captain Morgan leaves the Island of Hispaniola and goes to that of St.Catharine, which he takes
IV. Captain Morgan takes the Castle of Chagre, with four hundred men sent for this purpose from the Isle of St. Catharine
V. Captain Morgan departs from the Castle of Chagre, at the head of one thousand two hundred men, with design to take the city of Panama
VI. Captain Morgan sends several canoes and boats to the South Sea. He sets fire to the city of Panama. Robberies and cruelties committed there by the Pirates till their return to the Castle of Chagre
VII. Of a voyage made by the Author, along the coasts of Costa Rica, at his return towards Jamaica. What happened most remarkable in the said voyage. Some observations made by him at that time
VIII. The Author departs towards the Cape of Gracias Dios. Of the commerce which here the Pirates exercise with the Indians. His arrival at the Island De los Pinos ; and finally, his return to Jamaica
IX. The Relation of the shipwreck, which Monsieur Bertram Ogeron, Governor of the Isle of Tortuga , suffered near the Isles of Guadanillas. How both he and his companions fell into the hands of the Spaniards. By what arts he escaped their hands, and preserved his life. The enterpri- se which he undertook against Porto Rico, to deliver his people. The unfortunate succes of that design
X. A relation of what encounters lately happened at the Islands of Cayana and Tobago, between the Count de Estres, Admiral of France, in America and the Heer Jacob Binkes, Vice-Admiral of the United Provinces, in the same parts

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