IE Sieve, Memory Leak detector for Internet Explorer

'sIEve' is a project to get rid of memory leaks due to some limitations of the garbage collector in Internet Explorer. Executing AJAX kind of applications (like Cordys Explorer) will stress the browser heavily. Internet Explorer is not very strong in Memory Management. With other words; It is very easy to introduce serious memory leaks in Internet Explorer by executing JavaScript? and DHTML manipulation. 'sIEve' is and extended version of 'Drip' a joint effort of the makers of 'Drip' and (Cordys) Both Drip and sIEve are hosted as a single open source project at For your convenience you can download the latest executable version from here. For more information about Drip and sIEve and latest downloads of Drip, discussion forum, sources please visit:

Download sIEve-0.0.8.exe

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