Lárus Halldór Grímsson

Updated February 24, 2001


December 13, 1954 in Iceland

Basic biography

Lárus Halldór Grímsson began studying music in 1971 at the Reykjavík College of Music. Here he basically studied the flute. During these years of study, he played the flute and keyboards in several bands, like Eik (1974-79). In 1979 he started studying at the Institute for Sonology in Utrecht, the Netherlands, primarily with Jaap Vink. After completing his studies in 1984, he continued working at the Institute.

On his music

Although he also wrote some instrumental compositions, most of Grímsson's early music is electronic, or written for tape and one or more traditional instruments. In the music one can hear different influences, such as avant-garde experiments, free tonal elements as well as repetitive rhythms and themes. "For Lárus Grímsson, all the electronic apparatus notwithstanding, is no laboratory worker in a white coat. He does not study for study's sake, but to make music". (quote from liner notes to ITM CD).
Since 1990 Lárus has been writing more non-electronic works.

Principal Works

Other works include music for theatre plays, radio plays, TV plays and feature films such as Hringurinn (The Ring Road) and Skammdegi (Dark Season)



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