Soul and Oversoul Structures

In this section, we shall discuss the structure of units of sentient consciousness, and how they evolve. But first, it would be well to clarify what is meant by the term, "sentient".

Sentient Consciousness

A sentient being, at least as we shall define it, is a being that is self- aware , that has the capacity to think , to feel , to perceive , and that is imbued with intention . On planet Earth, sentient beings incarnate only in either human or cetacean forms. Cetacean forms include primarily dolphins and whales.

New Units of Consciousness

When a new unit of sentient consciousness is created, it is created in the form of a geometric structure of Light. Scientists have long puzzled over the nature of light, as it seems to embody the qualities of both energy and form. The Light which is utilized to create units of consciousness is of a higher order than light as we know it within the physical realm. Thus, in this section, we shall always use an upper-case "L" in the word "Light" when referring to this higher order form of Light.

Although units of consciousness exist as Light geometry structures at their essence level, they manifest within the world of atomic structures as corresponding oversoul structures. When a new unit of sentient consciousness is first created, the Light geometry is in the form of two 4-sided pyramids joined together at their base, thus forming an octahedron. The two pyramidal structures have the same proportional dimensions as the Great Pyramid. One of the pyramidal structures contains the Monad (or "God-seed") of the new unit of consciousness. The Monad expresses within the world of atomic structure as an oversoul. The other pyramidal structure expresses within the world of atomic structure as a soul unit. Like the Monad, the oversoul may be considered as the "master" unit. The soul is that aspect of the new unit of consciousness that is directly involved in the incarnational process. As a point of clarification, it is well to note that the term "oversoul" also is sometimes used in a broader context to refer to the combined overall structure of the master unit and soul.

As a new unit of consciousness learns and develops through incarnational experience, the structure of the Light geometry, and corresponding oversoul transmutes into increasingly complex forms. The oversoul also shifts to higher and higher frequencies, but this aspect of soul development is dealt with in the section entitled, "Initiations".

Transmutation to Oversoul-3:

The first transmutation to a more complex arrangement involves the addition of 2 pyramidal units to the Light geometry structure. Since each unit of consciousness has only one Monad, these 2 new pyramidal structures both express as corresponding soul units within the overall oversoul structure. Thus, including the original soul unit, such an oversoul structure is at this point capable of supporting 3 simultaneous incarnations. We shall refer to this new structure as "Oversoul-3".

Transmutation to Oversoul-11:

Eventually, after an additional period of learning and development through incarnational experience, such an oversoul is ready to undergo the next transmutation. This involves the addition of 8 more pyramidal units to the Light geometry structure, which manifest as 8 more soul units within the oversoul structure. Thus, after this transmutation, such an oversoul is thus capable of supporting 11 simultaneous incarnations. This obviously greatly expands the opportunity of the oversoul to learn and develop through incarnational experience. We shall thus refer to this stage of development as "Oversoul-11".

As an important side note, after this transmutation is completed, the overall Light geometry structure is in the form of two 4-sided pyramids joined together at the base. This shape is identical to the original shape that was formed when the new unit of consciousness was created. The difference is, however, that this is a larger unit, and it has 6 of the original smaller-size units neatly packed inside. Since each of these 6 sub-units has to "halves", this equates to 12 units, of which one is the "master" unit that contains the Monad. This leaves the 11 units, corresponding to the 11 soul units of the Oversoul-11 structure. An important aspect of this new overall structure is that it constitutes a "Merkabah" vehicle. A Merkabah vehcle is a Light geometry structure which enables inter-planetary travel without the need for a space ship. This concept is discussed in more detail in the section entitled "Time Travel". The important fact is, however, that the transmutation to Oversoul-11 is the first point in the evolutionary development of a new unit of consciousness that a Merkabah vehicle exists.

Transmutation to a "Star-Cluster" Oversoul

Once again, after a long period of evolutionary development through incarnational experience, a unit of consciousness at the "Oversoul-11" level of complexity eventually reaches a point at which it is ready for the next major transmutation. But this time, it involves a fundamental restructuring. Rather than utilizing the 4-sided pyramidal structure as the basic building block, as has been the case up until this point, the new structure utilizes a 3-sided pyramid, or tetrahedron, as the basic unit. And further, this next transmutation shifts the singular oversoul structure to a clustered oversoul arrangement.

The Light geometry of the new structure is based on two interlocking tetrahedrons, as illustrated. This is sometimes referred to as a 3- dimensional "Star of David". It is beyond the scope of this section to go into detail regarding the geometry of this new structure. However, one of the essential characteristics of the two interlocking tetrahedrons is that there are 8 "points". Each of these 8 points corresponds to one of the oversouls in this clustered configuration. However, one of these 8 points is the "master" unit, containing the Monad of the cluster. Thus, there are 7 oversouls in this clustered arrangement that are involved in the incarnational process.

Contained within each of the 8 points of the interlocking tetrahedrons are 8 tetrahedral sub-units. One of these 8 sub-units in each point is involved with the Monadic function.

If we now look at the corresponding oversoul structure which manifests within the realm of atomic structure, we thus find a cluster of 8 oversouls. But one of these is the "master" oversoul, and is not directly involved in the incarnational process. Within each of the other 7 oversouls, one of the 8 sub-units is involved with the oversoul function. Thus there are 7 sub-units in each that are actually soul units. Thus, the entire "star cluster oversoul" contains 7 X 7, or 49 individual soul units which are capable of simultaneous incarnation.

The vast majority of the original group of 144,000 Light Workers, and the subsequent group of 60,000 Light Workers, were of the star-cluster oversoul level of development. Although each of the 7 oversouls within such a cluster are able to function somewhat autonomously, it is essential that the entire cluster reside within the same planetary system.

The Light geometry structure of the two interlocing tetrahedrons (3-dimensional Star of David) serves as a Merkabah vehicle. This is true for the overall structure which contains the entire cluster, and it is also true for each of the 8 sub-units within the overall structure.

Dodecahedral Oversoul Clusters

The next evolutionary transmutation once again involves virtually a total restructuring of the Light geometry of the clustered arrangement. To help envision the next configuration, it would be helpful to refer to Buckminster Fuller's work related to various "close-packing" arrangements for a group of spheres. One such arrangements involves 12 spheres clustered around a central 13th sphere, as illustrated.

This is illustrative of 12 oversouls clustered around a central 13th, or "master" oversoul. However, the actual Light geometry structure involves basic units in the shape of "pentagonal dodecahedrons", rather than spheres. As may be noted from the illustration, a pentagonal dodecahedron is a uniform solid with 12 faces, and each of the 12 faces is in the shape of a pentagon.

In reality, each of the 13 units of the configuration is actually a nested set of 13 smaller units in the same configuration.

Translating all of this to the oversoul configuration, the central 13th unit is the "master" oversoul, and is not involved in the incarnational process. So each of the other 12 units correspond to oversouls that are involved in the incarnational process.

But remember that each of these 12 units is actually a nested set of 13 smaller units. And of these 13 smaller units, the 13th, or central unit, is involved with the oversoul function. Thus, in each of the 12 units, there are 12 sub-units which are actually soul units, each of which are capable of supporting an individual incarnation. Therefore, the entire cluster is capable of supporting 12 X 12, or 144 simultaneous incarnations.

Each of the 12 oversoul units is able to function with a high degree of autonomy. Unlike the star-cluster oversouls, these 12 oversouls are not restricted to the same planetary system.

The overall pentagonal dodecahedral Light geometry structure serves as a Merkabah vehicle for the overall cluster, and each of the 13 smaller dodecahedral structures also serve as Merkabah vehicles for the sub-units.

Of the original group of 144,000 Light Workers who came to Earth, 84 were at this level of oversoul evolution. And within the second group of 60,000 Light Workers, there were 36 at this level.

Since evolution seems to continue ad infinitum, it is likely that oversoul structures eventually evolve to yet another more complex configuration. But such a further transmutational step, if it does indeed exist, has not yet taken place within our Universe.

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