close combat 4 - battle of the bulge

cc4 iconpatches for cc4

cc4 demo (SSIOnline)

The Close Combat 4 - Battle of the Bulge demo for Windows 95+ (50 Mb).

cc4 patch us version 4.02

cc4 patch uk version 4.02

cc4 patch french version 4.02

The patch is for help if you experience a long lag time when saving a game and other minor issues, like the ridiculously large JagdPanzer or the inability to finish a Grand Campaign due to corrupted save games (15.76 Mb). Readme here.

cc4 iconofficial sites & forums for cc4


The company that's involved in all five Close Combat games so far...

case's ladder

Do you play games online? Case's Ladder runs leagues for hundreds of the most popular Internet playable games, including Close Combat....

cc headquarters forum

When the unofficial Close Combat Sites; cc2 center and cc3 center went down, the maker started working on a new close combat center... Some background information and some useful links, but it was never really finished, except for the forum that's used by many Close Combat fans. The old main page is still up and running at

dawnrazor's close combat connector

A site where you can wait for others to meet you for a head-to-head game...

A place to start a head-to-head game from. They also have a cc5 room...


Strategic Simulation Inc. is the publisher of cc4 and cc5.

ssi online

Nice site from the publishers of cc4 and cc5. Some information...

tournament house

A nice this site where you can play tournaments for cc1, cc2, cc3, cc4 and cc5. Many members, a ratings system and a forum...


'Web-Grognards' has a unique collection of various conflict simulation game (i.e. wargame) information, including (but not limited to) rules errata and variants, game reviews and links to relevant web sites. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered. Many hundreds of games are covered here.

the zone

On the MSN gaming zone you can meet other close combat fanatics to play an online game of cc1, cc2, cc3, cc4 or cc5 against each other. When you have trouble connecting to The Zone you can try the Disconnection Patch.

cc4 iconunofficial sites & fan sites for cc4

anzac clan CC4.htm

A good site with information about any of the four Close Combat games. Intelligent, critical and Australian...

la bataille des ardennes

A french site about cc4. Great mod descriptions, links, additional information and much more.

blenheim house

This site's owner was the guy who helped start CC2 editing. The site has information on all five Close Combat games...

brubaker's cc4 campaign summary

This Close Combat 4 Grand Campaign was begun by Joe98 and Brubaker in May 2000 and is played solely on Microsoft's Gaming Zone or by direct connection. Both combatants are using the official Close Combat 4.02 patch available at Atomic's Official CC4 Site. Settings were fixed at Veteran for both sides with 'End after 30 minutes when all VL's captured' enabled. The only modifications used are those that do not affect play balance and are used for personal preference.

mick (xe5)

Mick's personal web dump where many golden oldies are stored. Don't expect some fancy web design; just a dusty storage place...

mizuchi's close combat page

A Japanese Close Combat site with detailed information about the different cc releases...

rooster's VIPs

Rooster's VIPs (very important posts) offers an indexed compilation of posts from Close Combat message boards at Club SSI and Close Combat Headquarters...

zhukov's cc4 page

Background information on Close Combat IV, forums on Close Combat (4 and 5).

cc4 iconmods & maps for cc4

acido101's scenarios

Acido101's Close Combat IV Multiplayer Scenarios: Bringing multiplayer CCIV carnage to people...

bocheetus of the bulge

a kinder, gentler, and weirder Mod for the famed SSI Sim, Close Combat IV.

cc 2000

With an anticipated release date of late 2000, the CC 2000 mod will completely change the data, sounds and graphics of the Close Combat IV game. The mod will be based on a hypothetical conflict involving NATO and the Russian Federation and Associated States (RFAS) set in the period 2000-2005.

closecombat crete 1941

FUTURE started working on this mod that will convert Atomic/SSI's Close Combat - Battle of the Bulge game to the battle of Crete. FUTURE has put some screen shots up as work progressed, but has recently announced that he has no time to finish this mod.
FUTURE was basing this mod on the CC2 Kreta mod.


Some custom made maps, some cc4 add ons and historical information. Great links to both Close Combat sites and historical wwII reference.

dutch's sound and music mods

This sound mod fixed the MG-42 machine gun sound, the U.S. Sniper Rifle now sounds as deadly as it truly is! When you hear the crack of this gun reverberating through your speakers, you will be scouring the map looking for that damned sniper! The ambient sounds have been enhanced to create more of a sense that a larger battle is going on around you. All in all, they don't redefine the sound file, only enhances it.


A modification to CC4, to be played as Germans on Hero Level. Adds more variety in the BG makeups. Removes all heavy German Armour. 45 new German teams added...

force pool report

The Force Pool report lists the quantities of all the teams available for every BG at every Difficulty level on every date. Force Pool Report is produced by Zeppo9's Force Pool Report Tool.

future's cc battlefield

This site hosts the GROGSBOB CC4 mods. My own CC3 maps. Sabot's CC3 Kursk Battles. GROGSUtah CC5 sound mod. CC3/4/5 Sound editing tool.

gs_marcks cc site

GS_Marcks keeps track of most changes in Close Combat land. Wonder which mods or maps are available and where? Visit this site. I had been thinking about a mod description page, but since GS_Marcks is around, I'll stick to site links...

heeresgruppe west

This page has downloads,scenarios,mods and tools for Close Combat 4 and Close Combat 3 : Western Front. It´s the Western Front page of the German Soldiers clan.

korean combat 4

The project depicted on this web site is a modification for Close Combat IV, that converts the game from being set during the Battle of the Bulge to being based upon the Korean War.

mister x

The Graphics Mod of Mister X and his XMod are available here...

nimit's cc4 mod

Nimits historically oriented mod [on the Links page].

risc house

CCIV Risc House is dedicated to Close Combat IV mods and utilities.

sinervo's homepage

Sound files for cc4.

tt's veteran mods page

Using the excellent editing tools from CplFilth and sgt_Wilson, TT has made two mods specially for the Human Veteran player against the AI. The purpose is to make the AI a much tougher opponent, without "cheating" with historical facts.

von b's cc pages

Some downloads. A study on cc3's Battlemaker and some nice pics of cc4...

winter war

A modification to CloseCombat IV. It focusses on the final desperate days of the Winter War in February and March 1940.
Setting: Karelian Isthmus / Bay of Viipuri (Vyborg).
Time frame: February, 13th to March, 13th.

cc4 icontools for cc4

the blood! - cc4tools

This site holds some very good support programs like StratEdit, GadgetMunger and BTDMunger.


On this site you can find BTDMunger, GadgetMunger and StratEdit.

dads army

On this beautiful site you can find different Close Combat Editing tools; Quibble Clone (to edit ADB files for cc4), Free Deploy Editor (for cc3), and Close Combat Gradient Terrain Viewer (for cc2, cc3 and cc4)...

quibble clone

Name : CC4 Req V2.0.0

Description: Edit Close Combat Data for CC3,CC4 and CC5.

Available at: Dad's Army...

zeppo9's cc addons

CC4 Tools is available on this site. It provides 4 utilities: 1) Produce report of American BG's, 2) Produce report of German BG's, 3) Produce report of Force Pools, 4) Reduce Force Pools by given percentage....

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