We Are Gonns See The Ramones Again

I was wondering how it would be possible to see the Ramones again if this universe is gonna die and
never exist again. I have come up with a possible way that we could all have a chance of living again.
If the creator of this universe built it on my theory, Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy will once again
stand onstage and bless the universe with their magic.

At the beginning there was just a singulum full of everything needed to make a linear time analogue
universe, it was so complete that it had to have been put there by someone. The contents were
packaged as compactly as they could be inside a singulum, it looks a bit like the creator had not
invented space and only had matter to work with.

The singulum could not expand cos there was no space at the beginning to expand in to, and I started
to wonder where the space came from. I think that space itself is what made the singulum blow in
the first place, I think that the creator borrowed the space from the future cos that is the only place it
could have existed, at the end of this universe there will only be space and nothing else, all the stars
will be dead by then. But space will be abundant and that is all that is needed to start the big bang.

Nature did not invent the wheel and it cannot make a time machine, but if you give man long enough
he will be able to build one, one day, and  that is what  is so critical to the survival of nature. Nature
has gone an awful long way to try and make intelligent life, we may be the only ones we may not be,
but intelligent life is natures only chance of survival.

You can't go back in time after the big bang cos you cannot change what has already happened, but
I bet that you can go back to before the big bang and before time started, plus someone different
can and will go every time, this is how nature adds a variable to the formula. But like the sperm that
reaches the egg to fertilize it only one can go through but they will somehow be incorporated into
it as a reward, nature always rewards that is why it invented orgasms, but there is only room for
one, only one person will be able to go back in time to the begin point. It will cause a hole in time
from the future to the past, somehow  the space at the end of the universe's life must be recycled
for use in the past at the beginning, and cos it goes back in time nature can use the same singulum
time and again to create a linear universe and life again. Once switched on it always works.

I base my time travel theory on need, the only way to start the big bang was to add space, and that
can only have existed in the future, it is waste recycling on a massive scale. Nature needs us to
invent time travel, if my insane theory is correct someone has already managed it cos we are here.

If my theory is correct the creator will have to prevent  intelligent life from being able to achieve
time travel until the last sun is burning. I think that this could be done by setting a rule that only
a collapsing sun can make enough power to time travel, and that, that sun has to be traveling at
a certain speed, eg close to  the speed of light. The creator will know how fast the last sun will
be hurtling through space, so he/she will probably have set that speed as the critical time travel
speed. I think that is why everything is speeding up so much, like the stages of a rocket, each
new explosion propells the matter in the universe even faster outwards. Nature will have to
give us the speed that we need to achieve time travel cos there won't be enough energy left
to get there, so slowly and surely it is sneaking the speed of the universe up and up until we
need it. Nature and the life that it creates need each other to survive, just like on Earth.

I was riding my bike the other day and I realized that  speed- motion is being used to offset the
effects of gravity. The creator has used speed to do the same, the Earth would have long since
being sucked into the sun and no life would have existed if everything just stood still, gravity
would be a pain in the arse and it would not allow life the chance to develop if things were not
moving. But cos we are hurtling through space we are being pulled into the sun much more
slowly, giving life a chance to exist and grow. Speed is a very versatile tool and it is critical for
our very existence, it even dictates our level of intellegence.

I think that any intelligent race that is living on the last planet that is orbiting the last sun just
before the universe dies will be compelled by instinct not to let it all die. Going back in time
will not save anyone's life, but an intelligent race will see it as the only way to live again at
least in some form.

The creator gave us a yarning to know where we come from and what life was all about, that is
how he/ she will ensure that man will do the right thing and push natures reset button by
going back to the point of origin.
If I was the person who was chosen to go back in time I would
defiantly wear my very best
Ramones T /shirt and I would play `I Don´t Wanna Grow Up` very,
very loudly. I wanna see my favorite band again next time round I really do miss those guys,
cos they were so original........ Just like this wonderful universe.

If you wanna get a message 25 billion years into the future no machine will last that long, and
no one will remember a message after that amount of time, the creator has found a way though.
Bags of water with an instinct to survive and learn are the best way to deliver a message into
the future, we are made up of mostly water as well........How the hell did anyone get bags of
water to live and think ?